One of India’s top EV start-ups Bounce Infinity has teamed up with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) to fortify the EV battery swapping infrastructure of Bounce at the petrol pumps of the oil retailer company across the country. The partnership between the two companies is a part of a strategy that will help to offer their customers more than 20,000 petrol pumps that will have the facilities where they can swap the batteries for the EV across around 10 cities of the country. Bounce Infinity is a company that has its name on the list of top manufacturers of electric two-wheeler in the country that are using the technology of swappable batteries for its electric vehicles. The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) will now be using the swapping technology of Bounce Infinity as they will cater to both electric three-wheelers and two-wheelers. Other than Bounce Infinity, there are other manufacturing companies of electric two-wheeler as well that are using alike technology for their manufactured products. These companies include Simple Energy, Okinawa Autotech and more.

Bounce Infinity is offering its customers the technology to swap batteries for the EV they are driving in.

Speaking on the partnership with BPCL, the CEO of Bounce Infinity Vivekananda Hallakere said that the team-up of Bounce with BPCL restates the commitment and vision of the company toward a pollution-free and cleaner nation through the efforts that the company is making to expand its network and making it more accessible to its consumers at the same convenience as refuelling. The company, Bounce Infinity has already hit the milestone of facilitating battery swaps which were more than a million in India. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited has also expressed its excitement by stating that the petroleum retailer is delighted to have Bounce infinity on board as a team, which is a leading start-up that is offering state-of-the-art and new and innovative solutions like smart battery swapping for the customers owning electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, said the Executive Director In-charge of the retail department, PS Ravi.

The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) will now be using the swapping technology of Bounce Infinity. 

The customers now can take a sigh of relief and feel the peace of mind as the battery swapping technology will now allow them to not worry about the long charging hours of their electric vehicles. Just as we use detachable batteries on other devices, the new technology used in the batteries of EVs is just the same and can be replaced with the ones that are fully charged. With this technology offered by Bounce Infinity, customers can now have access to swappable batteries for the EV they are driving in. they can leave the discharged batteries at the charging point and drive away with the battery that is already charged. The technology of battery swapping is used at a huge level globally and is also one of the sustainable ways to keep down the cost of an EV. The batteries are not very large and hence they do not demand the kind of range that is needed by the batteries of other EVs which are fixed and comparatively larger.