Automobile manufacturer MG Motor India and government-owned exporter and producer of oil and gas, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) announced that the companies have signed a partnership to support the Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure across the nation. With this partnership, MG Motors becomes the first passenger automobile company to sign up with BPCL to speedily boost the adoption of green mobility in India. The partnership between both the companies will add impulse to the adoption of EVs by enlarging the opportunities for intercity transportation or travel as BPCL and MG Motors will install the EV charging machines on the highways and in the cities of India.

President and Managing Director of MG Motors India, Rajeev Chaba commented on the progress and said that a strong EV ecosystem is a crucial way for the successful transition of electric portability. The company has been eagerly making efforts for the development of a powerful EV system since the year 2020 when the company launched ZS EC. The company, along with its ecosystem partners is working to come up with a wide range network of charging stations for EVs. With battery recycling and second life solutions of batteries for better end-to-end continuity of EVs. Chaba also mentioned that the 6-way unique charging system will also help to benefit the customers, as it will make the daily usage of EVs easier.

EV charging

MG Motors becomes the first passenger automobile company to sign up with BPCL to speedily boost the adoption of green mobility in India.

This partnership of MG Motors with BPCL is another initiative by the company to boost the infrastructure of EV charging in India and will also attract customer confidence in green mobility. The vast network and strong presence of BPCL in India will ensure consumer access to charging stations, which are already existing and prospective for the company. The company has shared the expansion plans and the opportunities of Electric Vehicles and charging stations and also educate them about how the adoption of EVs can be beneficial for the environment.

Alongside, the chairman and Managing Director of BPCL, Arun Kumar Singh has said that the present and future of any industry depends on sustainable consumption in the current era of mass electric mobility. As we enter the next phase of the rapid energy transition to electric mobility, BPCL is at the forefront of addressing the three major concerns that electric vehicle owners have (range anxiety, time anxiety, and discovery anxiety) to increase consumer confidence in the country’s rapid adoption of electric vehicles.

Fast charging passages will be set up across the important highways in India, that are connecting economic centres and major cities of the country. The company will also build a 7000 network of fast-charging stations conveniently located in areas of the country in the upcoming 2-3 years.

EV charging

 Arun Kumar Singh, Chairman and Managing Director of BPCL

These fast-charging stations will include a variety of consumer conveniences, such as clean restrooms, beverages, and micro-ATMs. To reach new and important milestones in the EV charging ecosystem, this era necessitates strategic cross-industry collaboration, and at BPCL, we are excited to expand our ambit and create positive collaborations with new and creative brands like MG Motor India to push in the era of best-in-class EV charging solutions. MG Motor India is a key player in India’s EV market and is known for generating differentiated customer experiences with its wide variety of advanced Internet SUVs. We are excited about this cooperation, which will help accelerate the adoption of electric mobility across the country while also allowing us to develop intriguing new consumer products in the personal mobility market.