RailRestro, which is one of the leading food tech companies in India said that it will be investing the capital of USD 20-30 million for the establishment of a strong logistics infrastructure in the nation and also announced that it would rapidly broaden its geographic footprint with an emphasis on the east, according to the statement by an official on Sunday. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), is a licensed caterer that is busy delivering restaurant food to the passengers at their preferred railway stations directly into the trains.

The infrastructure project that is being discussed principally focuses on the delivery fleet that is owned by the company, to provide its services to all of the railway stations across the country. In all the top performing stations, currently, more than 100 stations are covered and are being provided with the direct delivery service, as the process has begun. Manish Chandra, the founder and director of RailRestro said that the direct delivery fleet service will be available to almost all the operating stations by the end of this fiscal year.


RailRestro is one of the leading food tech companies in India. 

The goal of Railrestro is to make fantastic food options, with variety and selection, readily available and cooked in hygienic kitchen settings. In order to make your dining experience exceptional, we have done extensive research and development to create a comprehensive menu of items with our impaneled vendors that is suitable for train travellers. We have also created promotional offers and a practical and user-friendly ordering system to further enhance your dining experience.

According to Chandra’s assertions, the company will invest a lot of money in the model and plans to spend $20–30 million at the majority of the stations that are already operational to establish its own fleet at a higher level of functionality. In the present day, the company is offering its food delivery services to about 450 railway stations as a conglomerate. According to the reports, the company is also planning to double the number of serviceable stations by the end of this year. The motivation behind the fleet of company-owned delivery vehicles has significantly decreased delivery failures and increased brand trust, said the official.


The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), is a licensed caterer that is busy delivering restaurant food to passengers.

Right now, a few of the top 300 stations provide between 70 and 80 percent of the average 350-rupee orders. The company said that a total of 10 million meals have been delivered to the passengers to date. Speaking of the eastern region, Chandra claimed that the zone now lags behind other areas in some ways. Under the direct delivery service of RailRestro, more than 50 stations have already been covered in the East Zone of the national railways. He also added that Katihar, Guwahati, Brahmpur, Jharsuguda, Barauni, Asansol, New Jalpaiguri, Malda Town, Hajipur, AND Patna are some of the stations that are covered under the direct delivery fleet of RailRestro.

According to a poll, over 23 million people in India travel by rail each day, offering a significant opportunity for expansion, the business claimed.