Based in the United Kingdoms, Antin Infrastructure Partners announced the previous day that the company has successfully acquired a majority stake in the rapidly growing charging company RAW Charging. The charging company installs as well as owns the electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at suitable public places in the UK to promote the adoption of EVs. Given the recent acquisition of a co-controlling stake in a leading EV Infrastructure that is operated by a European owner, Power Dot, Raw becomes the second investment in the EV charging sector as a part of the NextGen platform of Antin. This shows the continued strong commitment of Antin to the decarbonization of transportation.

Raw Charging was founded in 2018 and the company has speedily expanded by teaming up with some of the major real estate businesses in the UK including companies like Greene King, abrdn, McArthurGlen, and Aviva Investors to introduce the charging points. The main aim of the company is to have over 1,000 operational charging points, by the end of the present year and is planning to target the pipeline of 10,000 charging points to be installed by 2025. Following the acquisition, the management team of RAW Charging will now work intently with the team of Antin to boost its growth and expand its network and presence on a national level. This will also help RAW to scale its already existing partnerships in the sector and to enhance its duct. This growth plan of the company is the right strategy to help in promoting the adoption of EVs in the UK.

charging infrastructure

Antin Infrastructure Partners has acquired a majority stake in the rapidly growing charging company RAW Charging.

RAW is one of the largest providers of electric vehicle charging solutions in the UK, serving blue-chip customers. The company is helping to deliver an opportunity that is one in a generation electric vehicle. Alongside, Antin Infrastructure Partners is a private equity firm in the UK that is leading the sector with its focus on infrastructure. Environment and energy, social infrastructures, and transportation are the sectors that are targeted by Antin for investment under its NextGen strategy. The company currently has offices in London, Paris, New York, Luxembourg, and Singapore with over 180 industry professionals who are dedicated to growing and transforming infrastructure businesses.

charging infrastructure

The main aim of RAW is to have over 1,000 operational charging points, by the end of 2022.

Currently, the transport sector is largely responsible for the carbon emission in the nation along with the representation of road transport for 90% of those emissions. Certain changes are underway to take place in the transportation sector of the UK, as the country has a commitment to net zero emissions by the year 2050. The changes in transportation include the ban on the sale of vehicles with combustion engines from the year 2030. As the government of the UK has estimated up to 10 million battery-operated electric vehicles on the road by the end of 2030, it has become critical to support this development and launch the charging infrastructure for EVs with such a huge target.

RAW is operating in the underdeveloped EV charging marketplace which has a high-growth destination in order to meet the enormous demand for public chargers. Building an EV charging infrastructure is a valuable facility in prolonged work and domestic locations around the nation as around 45% of drivers have to charge their EVs away from home.