Israel based ElectReon is a tech start-up that deals with wireless smart road, is set to make its debut in the market of US with first distribution of the company wireless charging infrastructure in order to charge electric vehicles while they are moving. The distribution of the infrastructure is likely to take place in Michigan.

ElectReon has announced that it won the tender to set up an Electric Road System (ERS) on a public road which is the long-standing automotive capital of US in Detroit, also known as the motor city as a part of Inducive Vehicle Charging Pilot, which is a program announced by Gretchan Whitmer in September 2021, who is the Michigan Governor. According to the Governor office, this program aims at testing and inspection of the electrified roads with the hope of adoption of electric vehicles in order to enhance the sustainability of environment. The governor also said that by boosting the production of the electric vehicle, the company is working towards its aim of leading the future of electrification and mobility. The increased production of EVs, lowering the costs of consumers, and installation of wireless charging system in roads will be another step towards sustainability of the environment.


Michigan Governor – Gretchen Whitmer

The Michigan Department of Transportation will have a partnership in the pilot scheme and will contribute $1.9 million in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification project. The projects will be under supervision of the Michigan Central Station district of mobility innovation in the neighborhood of Detroit. Some of the other supporter of the projects are Next Energy, which is an organisation in Detroit that focuses on mobility technologies, Ford Motor Company, Dallas based service company Jacobs Engineering Group, DTE Energy, a Detroit based diversified energy company.

ElectReon was founded in the year 2013 and since then, the company has been developing a reliable system that can charge electric vehicles while in full movement by installing copper coils under the asphalt which will help to transfer the electric energy from the main electricity network and delivering it to the roads. This will also manage the communication with the vehicles coming/going through. The energy receivers are installed on the vehicle floor, allowing them to transmit energy directly to the battery as well as the engine, although, there are still some concerns about the limit of driving range and battery life.


ElectReon is developing a system that can charge electric vehicles while in movement.

ElectReon has recently set its branches in Los Angeles and has hired Corey Johnson for New York, as a strategic consultant. The company being a part of Detroit project, will lead the operations of the electrified roads hoping that the project will be operational by the year 2023. Vice president of business development in ElectReon, Stefan Tongur has said that the company is pleased to make an entry in the US market while collaborating with the leaders of the industry, in order to strengthen the mobility ecosystem of the country. The company is also looking forward to get a chance to work with other industries in California, Michigan and New York.