Latest investment announcement between T.D Williamson and SCF Partners investing, the global leader investing in pipeline infrastructure maintenance with innovative solutions.

SCF Partners has announced its investment in T.D Williamson on July 5th, 2022. Global leader in isolation, inspection, pigging products, intervention and service for the gathering, distribution sector of the pipeline infrastructure industry. TDW assists to maintain a critical asset worldwide, who are serving clients over 6 continents in across 100 countries overall.

TDW, established in 1920 has been a leader in the pipeline maintenance and integrity for the industry over the course of 100 years. This company has close to 500 registered and pending patents, developing key technologies such as caliper inspections, cleaning pigs and hot tapping, plugging that have been crucial in keeping critical pipeline assets which are well maintained, operational and safe around the globe. Clients across the pipeline industry look towards the solutions for most of the technical and extreme complex challenges get the help from TDW.

CEO of TDW, Robert McGrew mentions, this collaboration will uniquely position TDW’s market-leading brand and advance technology with SCF’ strategic expertise and deep financial ability to create a proficient, growth focused company for future. He awaits to leverage what makes TDW unique today and grab on to new opportunities which this collaboration with SCF shall bring.

SCF Partners

Pipeline infrastructure maintenance becoming a vital focus for SCF company.

This new collaboration between TDW and SCF will leverage unique and new opportunities which can be brought through SCF Partnership. Partner at SCF, David Baldwin mentions SCF honors their partnership with TDW. The Williamson’s family has constructed an exceptional company for over 100 years and SCF is thrilled to share the next chapter with TDW company. We admire the company’s dedication to its people, clients and the industry. We envision working with the family and management to develop on their past success and grow the company with a new energy cycle.

According to global demands for energy and evolving requirements to place crucial operating and strategic challenges on the industry which they serve. They are supportive for new opportunity to work with SCF to enhance, expand their service and support their customers. They vision to enter their second century of service to the energy industry with SCF as partners, mentioned by Chairman Emeritus, Dick Williamson.

TDW recognised as providing world-class service and products, they aim on integrity and safety, their innovative solutions verify critical energy products to get end markets safely. They vision to support TDW in persistent to service legacy assets, leverage expertise and experience to build and maintain the infrastructure which will be a need in future for successful energy transition.  

SCF Partners

T.D. Williamson and SCF Partners are collaborating for a infrastructure project.

T.D Williamson company

TDW (T.D. Williamson) serves the transmission, distribution sectors, gathering of the pipeline industry with a global portfolio of services and products, which includes in combine pigging, advanced isolation and integrity assessment solutions. Both off-shore and on-shore applications, TDW provides extensive pipeline maintenance and asset optimization activities. TDW grows long-term relationships with pipeline operators which endure every part of life of the pipeline.