Shanghai lockdown during this covid period, leading to impact entire China supply chain. Supply chain impacts are predicted to be higher, which includes heavy delays as transport is disrupted.


Shanghai lockdown can be a possible setback for China’s export machine, which evokes concerns are over the risk of disruption to the entire global supply chain. The war in Ukraine disturbed the supply chain sector as well.

China authorities imposed a two-stage lockdown on Monday, which is the new resonance from the country’s zero-tolerance Covid-19 strategy, they are going through a rugged year which is highly impacting their supply chain system.

Tesla is discontinuing production of the car plant for four days in Shanghai. People are aware of the situation; chip maker Semi-conductor Manufacturing International Corp. has two fabrication plants in the city. It is operating and producing as with the conventional standard, this was mentioned by a company representative. Shanghai’s shipping port was announced to be open, but the exporters are reviving for delays because of lockdown hit warehouses, staffing, and transport in the southern city of Shenzhen.


Shanghai lockdown impact can be reflected on China supply chain.

However, the ports in China remain open, but when the restriction will be imposed due to Omicron, it will lead to an impact on the rising caseloads, economists. Company executives mention the continuation of outbreaks and logistics headaches of navigating shifting public-health measures which are weighing on the industry. The pressure on inflation brought an impact on the world economy, which is observed to be struggling with surging prices.

Xi’an previous lockdown, local semiconductor factory “Samsung Electronics” opted to maintain production. Though Eastern China in Suzhou the lockdown led the companies to suspend their operation for a temporary period. Suzhou Heijan Technology Corporation makes chips for consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing sectors, automotive. The company got ceased after an employee was tested positive for Covid.

Shenzhen week lockdown abrupted public transport and enforced to shut businesses, while authorities rolled out testing to screen for omicron infection. The biggest technology group such as Apple iPhones was able to continue the operation after a two-day suspension. Last week it was observed to be back to full capacity.


Shanghai major concerns arised for transporting the goods.

Shanghai executive and logistics manager’s major concerns are not production but getting their products to the port to customers. The production is highly affected and after lockdown, it led to a huge impact on their logistics, mentioned by the Manager of Hongxin Photoelectric. Their firm workers stayed overnight but its foreign customers still experienced the trouble of a delay of 10 days.

Previously in Shanghai before the lockdown number of containers were directly transferred to Chinese ports, but now export-oriented industries are progressing better than focusing on the domestic market. Containers at eight major ports overall show domestic trade in mid-March was 24.4% lower. The foreign trade declined by 1.2%.

Analysts mention that the reason those areas are struggling is because of infections and restrictions such as Jilin, Jiangsu who host big industries such as chemicals, vehicle manufacturing, and timber that speed up for domestic consumption than export. Chinese demands for their goods in overseas are higher than demand at home, where the financial economy is slowing and decreasing.