The Order Lifecycle API and Order Score capabilities, two new additions to Hypertrack’s BuilderX platform, the industry leader in logistics APIs, will increase the accuracy of fulfillment and simplify business processes for developers creating logistics solutions.

The top API platform for logistics technology developers who are creating solutions for last-mile fulfillment use cases is HyperTrack. To increase operational KPIs like job completion rate, workforce dependability, productivity, and on-time delivery, our APIs for order planning, assignment, tracking, and verification learn from real-world data. The extensive collection of APIs, SDKs, and webhooks offered by HyperTrack is used by clients on every inhabited continent. Developers can easily combine the planning, assigning, and tracking phases of the order lifecycle into one API for on-demand, same-day, and future fulfillment possibilities with HyperTrack’s new Order Lifecycle API. Teams may batch and sequence on-demand and same-day orders using the single API, which unifies HyperTrack’s best-in-class planning and tracking capabilities into a single interface for more precise order fulfillment. 


The extensive collection of APIs, SDKs, and webhooks offered by HyperTrack is used by clients on every inhabited continent.

Data that explains why orders are not fulfilled on time is currently unavailable to last mile logistics companies. With the help of HyperTrack’s new Order Score function, operations teams now have access to a rating based on a wide range of criteria measuring overall fulfillment performance and highlighting areas that may be improved. Four important factors are used to calculate the final score: Route effectiveness refers to whether the driver traveled the shortest route and whether there was any downtime in between.

Delays: This refers to whether the driver arrived at the destination and finished the order on schedule.

Address accuracy refers to whether orders are delivered to the designated order destination, which can be improved with ground truth fulfillment data at the end-user address level. 

 By hosting the inaugural Logistics + Tech Summit, a virtual conference on November 15–16, 2022, with more than 1,500 attendees from 80 countries who are developing technology for gig work, field service, sales, and on-demand delivery, HyperTrack is enabling the next generation of logistics technology. Speakers from renowned companies are scheduled, including speakers from Kroger, Shipt (a division of Target), iFIT (the parent company of NordicTrack), Jobox, Gigable, W Energy, and Groundworks, among many others. The virtual conference, which runs from November 15 to 16, includes executive roundtables, case studies, practical workshops, and keynote addresses from prominent business figures.