Microsoft joined forces with FedEx in May 2020 to enable businesses to better compete in today’s increasingly digital commerce ecosystem. They are bringing a tool to the logistics sector.

 On Monday Microsoft and FedEx announced the next solution as a part of their multiyear collaboration and offering a cross-platform “logistics as a Service” solution, this collaboration will transform commerce, logistics, and supply chain said in a Joint press release.

They bring together FedEx network intelligence with capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to introduce a cross-platform, service for brands, retailers, and merchants.

Just on-time delivery by supply chains, global trade, and accelerated e-commerce growth getting speedy, flexibility, and visibility are critical. Over time customer expectations and needs have shifted across every industry that is where FedEx and Microsoft tools play a huge solution. There are tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning to estimate the value of new insights from 17 million packages that pass in FedEx each day which helps the brand improve delivery and customer experience, companies said.

Microsoft FedEx

Microsoft and FedEx announced multiyear collaboration and offering a cross platform

Logistics service solution by Cross-platform for Brands

 FedEx Corp Raj Subramaniam, the president said, “Nearly two years ago we set out on a mission with Microsoft to transform the commerce ecosystem,” added “In that time, we’ve made progress, leveraging Microsoft Azure technology with our FedEx Surround solution, which provides critical support in advanced monitoring of time-sensitive priority shipments. This collaboration will continue to connect the unmatched supply chain insights from the FedEx network with the Microsoft Cloud to improve e-commerce experiences for brands, merchants, and consumers.” 

The cross-platform approach provides brands deliver modern, high-value experiences directly to their customers including faster, more cost-effective delivery and frictionless returns with approximately 60,000 drop-off locations and printerless QR codes. Brands facing increased pressure to build harmony while managing excessive order volumes, ensuring cost-effective fulfillment, and reducing customer costly service calls, this new technology brings remarkable opportunity to leverage existing systems of record, optimize fulfillment, and deliver on their order promises with increased precision, while benefiting view of their customer.

Microsoft FedEx

FedEx projected U.S. domestic package market predicted that it would hit 100 million packages per day by 2026.

In Pre-pandemic, FedEx projected that the U.S. domestic package market predicted that it would hit 100 million packages per day by the calendar year 2026. The market at current is expected to hit this mark four years sooner, growing to 110 million packages a day in 2022 with 86% of that growth expected in e-commerce.

FedEx using Microsoft Azure cloud technology, this collaboration made an immediate impact on how data is used in logistics, millions of data points across FedEx network surrounds the platform of AL, analytics solution to monitor the risk on FedEx package in delivery route. It gives real-time information which provides visibility of their supply chain and makes an alternative to keep a shipment on track. During covid, the platform has allowed FedEx to monitor and manage this increase in priority shipment volume.