International computer technology corporation Oracle chaired a meeting with Apollo Tyres’ needs for automating operations and improving visibility, while also meeting its twin objectives of increased uptime and economical. Oracle transportation management, is a cloud-based application that offers great scalability, reliability, and security at a lower cost than implementing an on-premises system. The company’s current track & trace system is interfaced with, which is important for allowing all stakeholders visibility into the supply chain. According to the president of Apollo Tires, the Oracle cloud solution offers real-time operational visibility throughout the supply chain and allows managers to move rapidly on opportunities and resolve significant customer issues if any. Meanwhile, using Oracle services to automate processes, Apollo tyres’ finance team has boosted productivity and time efficiency to process freight charges by 20 per cent.


Apollo Tyres has seen a significant jump in productivity and drastically lower the number of errors

Multiple rounds of audit checks and clerical work have been eliminated which is related to its freight settlement and auditing processes. Apollo Tyres has seen a significant jump in productivity and drastically lower the number of errors.

Oracle’s system assists in electronic tendering and recording numerous truck-loading events while supporting freight auditing and payments to logistics service providers. Oracle cloud management has given security, scale and uptime. It has also given them the flexibility to seamlessly manage the business without any difficulties even when Apollo tyres expanding its business rapidly.

Lately, the enterprise software company announced new updates to Oracle Global Trade Management and Oracle Transportation Management, part of the Oracle cloud supply chain management (SCM), to help customers lower the cost, improve accuracy, automate regulatory compliance and improve logistics flexibility. As an increasing number of national businesses expand internationally, the ability to respond fast to changing demand, supply and market conditions can be a big competitive advantage. With the new logistics capabilities in Oracle’s global trade management and Oracle transportation management supply chain professionals will obtain real-time insights across the whole supply network to make important decisions for business and respond to any multinational change with confidence.


Oracle cloud solution offers real-time operational visibility throughout the supply chain

Logistics businesses are deluged with the recent development of port and shipping delays, varying fuel costs, and evolving trade regulations while also being at the forefront of efforts to minimise carbon emissions of goods in transit. Organizations that don’t have flexible and responsive logistics processes in place often end up passing these delays and prices to their clients

Oracle’s new logistics capabilities are designed to get global supply chains moving, and new features help customers reduce prices, improve accuracy, improve flexibility and automate regulatory compliance. For instance, improving workbenches, and enabling users to aggregate data from multiple sources into a single view to streamline operations and improve decision-making. New templates for driver management, dock scheduling, work assignments, shipment, spot bids, and restricted party screening allow users to manage specific logistics processes more efficiently. Oracle tech launches its mobile app with this customers are enabled to send assignments, capture departure and arrival events and get location information. With the help of advanced technology from Oracle, Apollo Tyres can rapidly adapt to changes in its supply chain and logistics network.