New Oracle cloud service built to expand its cloud services, with more visibility and transparency to unlock further new opportunities.


Oracle cloud, offers a cloud computing service and it has announced plans to expand its merchandising acquiring capabilities with the launch of Oracle retail supplier Evaluation Cloud Service. This new cloud application allows retailers, complete access and evaluate the governance of suppliers which is based on their safety, ethical, environmental and quality performance practices.

Oracle will be able to make more sustainable, effective and responsible sourcing decisions for the merchandising process of procurement, retailers are able to control the risk across their supply chain, easily identify greener, protect their brand image and additional ethical sourcing options.

Supplier Evaluation dashboard while using, a fashion retailer perceive its production of denim is proceeding in a high level of chemical pollution and overall for each item consuming 10,000 liters water. Through analyzing its suppliers environmental and ethical credentials, a retailer is able to adjust its providers for responsible sourcing decisions which decrease chemical pollution and water waste, as per the example.

Oracle Retail, senior vice president and general manager Mike Webster mentions, Consumers are continuously prioritizing environmentally friendly and ethically sourced goods. To persist to succeed, organized and sustainable sourcing requirements to be at the forefront of a brand to resume innovation efforts. Oracle Retail Supplier Evaluation will allow businesses to create effective and responsible decisions for their supply chain and firmly communicate this supplier information to their ultimately developing brand loyalty, customers and increasing revenue.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud, chief executive officer Larry Ellison.

Consumers and shareholders have predicted to put a new-level of pressure on executives and accountability to bring sustainable products or items to the market. Nearly 60% of consumers who recently expressed the importance of retailers brand values, such as ethical sourced material, sustainability and aligned with their own. McKinsey and other companies have estimated that two-thirds of an average company’s environmental, corporate governance, social and ESG footprint rely on suppliers; these companies with strong ESG credentials can drive down the cost to 5-10%.

Oracle Retail Supplier Evaluation adding to the Oracle Retail Merchandising procurement process through providing buyers with additional data to analyze existing suppliers or discover new ones. With the retailers, cloud service allows vendors to report their compliance by scoring audits, assessments, certifications and modify management practices. This operational supply chain (ESG) performance is part of standard merchandising procurement process. In a supply chain with better insights and visibility, retailers are able to estimate changes and alterations which will impact their ESG score and approve change management process to provide help to confirm smooth integration of new suppliers with limited disruptions.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle builds its cloud infrastructure for their supply chain.

The oracle cloud infrastructure has increased the visibility and governance for their supply chain. IDC retail insight, research manager Jordan Speer shares, consumers expect businesses to operate with people and they expect companies to have transparency which is related to the impact of their businesses. To obtain loyalty, retailers require to operate ethically and transparency, it requires for the work to give that visibility to unlock new opportunities to make competitive advantages. Consumers will willingly pay for services and products which are produced sustainably, pay to connect with brands, involved in creating and producing products.