CloudQuery announced a raise of $15 million Series-A, which is lead by Tiger Global. They plan to launch a CloudQuery SDK tool.

CloudQuery is an open source cloud-asset inventory charged through SQL, it is a start-up which raised in Series-A funds $15 million. This funding round was led by Tiger global and with the participation of other investors such as Work-Bench, Boldstart, Mango Capital and Haystack.

CEO and co-founder of CloudQuery Yevgeny Pats announced a launch of cloud infrastructure resources which will provide visibility as a tool and he built his own SQL- based advanced tool to understand resources, data engineering practices.

Yevgeny Pats has mentioned that currently they have at least 1,000 employees and 20 companies who use the product. This investor took points, rewarded the startup with a series-a fund of almost $15 million.

The CEO of CloudQuery, believes that cloud infrastructure has the capability to lock past from a data standpoint and is willing to push forward to the modern age with CloudQuery. Cloud infrastructure replicates the world as 2011 from a data engineering viewpoint and best practices. They plan to bring this to compliance, cloud security and cost tracking and using entire data engineering for the best practices to build.


CEO of CloudQuery, Yevgeny Pats.

CloudQuery in the beginning had more than 300 services in AWS with 1400 APIs. GCP, the company had 139 services and 200 APIs, Azure beyond 600 APIs and 136 services. Apart from a long tail of infrastructure companies which includes Fastly, Cloudflare, GitHub, DataDog, Git Lab and others.

Getting vulnerable visibility to those prominent keys of use-case starting from search, cost, compliance, security, infrastructure drift and others. CloudQuery works as an open-source platform which is focused on cloud infrastructure. Cloudquery has access to support of more than 100 resources across major cloud providers and other infrastructure providers through pluggable architecture.

In data engineering and the modern data stack, ELT platforms hold the standard. For Load, Transform, Extract and analyze approach with best tools for each step, advantage of cheap storage, data lake technologies and warehouses.


CloudQuery focused on investing in cloud infrastructure.

They have access to different adjacent SaaS tools such as Datadog (monitoring) and Okta for single sign-on. Through these tools they are able to take advantage of data, users will be permitted to set up security rules based on certain conditions and set up compliance.

As an open platform for external developers and companies they are allowed to layer on new features as they find fit and become accessible to everyone. Some commercial companies are working towards the aspect of visibility but they are facing problems, as an open-source product, ClouQuery is in the position to address it.

CloudQuert is expected to improve the quality, supporting more APIs, new Database with process and time they will be able to replace multi-million-dollar vendor sprawl with one stack, are able to take benefit of tools which are best-in-class in data engineering and apply them to cloud infrastructure.