Indo ArcGIS on Rail Tech cloud to permit government programs with robust and scalable GIS products. Rail Tech with its advanced two-Tier III data centers and optic fiber network of 61000 km will support the government organization.

On Thursday, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Rail Tel (PSU under the railway ministry) and Esri India to provide cloud- based GIS solutions to their specific government sector customers.

Indo ArcGIS on RailTel Cloud allows government programs with robust & scalable GIS products. Central Government PSU beneath the Ministry of Railways, Esri India and RailTel Corporation of India, the leading (GIS) Geographic Information system software and solutions, announced signing an MoU to help in providing Cloud-based GIS Solutions to their Government sector.

This partnership shares the benefits of addressing the strong emerging demand for GIS on Cloud and the government focal point attention is at using GIS such as Gati Shakti, Smart Cities, Digital India, Svamitva, Jal Jeevan Mission etc. During this hour the requirement has increased for scalable Geospatial Infrastructure.

The leading technological innovation, Esri India has created a unique product as Indo ArcGIS for their customer in the Indian government. Except from GIS tech-products and Indo ArcGIS suite involve such as Property Tax Management, industry-specific solution products, Land Records, Forest Management and more. For around 500+ data layers are accessible to customers by the Indian edition of ArcGIS Living Atlas.

Geospatial Infrastructure

ArcGIS is an RaiTel Cloud product.

Partnership between Esri India and RailTel’s

Indo ArcGIS on Cloud product is now accessible on RailTel Cloud, this device provides the customer with required advantages such as Agility, scalability and cost-efficiency. This joint offer does include cloud infrastructure, software and related services. The government organizations are provided with lesser costs and complexity by continuing on-premises infrastructure to Cloud and accelerate the use of GIS (Geospatial Infrastructure System) in their programs.

RailTel Chairman & Managing director, Aruna Singh mentions, the new strategic initiative of both governments in central and state in India backbone is Geospatial Infrastructure which is playing a huge role in new strategic plans. RailTel with over 61000 kms of Optic Fiber Network and its 2 Tier III data centers, these are notably positioned to support government organizations in position/situate their GIS application for safe public cloud. This partnership with Esri India, it will intentionally offer more secure, reliable and managed GIS Infrastructure for the huge programs and projection in the government sector.

Geospatial Infrastructure

GIS ( Geospatial Infrastructure) cloud advance technology.

The GIS(Geospatial Infrastructure) convergence and cloud technology unlocks new avenues for developing the Geospatial Infrastructure located in India. The data products and solution which includes in Indo ArcGIS are built with the focal aim to help the government and private organization to resolve the most crucial problem which are being faced by the country and effectively with GIS. To facilitate intensify partnership and informed decision which are made at lesser cost, they are now providing and offering Indo ArcGIS on Cloud. The best Cloud infrastructure security is offered in RailTel. This collaboration with RailTel will advance with accelerated GIS deployment and provide with the power of geospatial infrastructure on Cloud our ArcGIS user, mentioned by Managing Director of Esri India.