RSL and Zebra robotics automation made a collaboration for their supply chains service. In 2022, Rakuten super logistics e-commerce platforms plan to advance its supply chain service with cloud-based technologies.

Zebra technologies corporation is at the front line of business with solutions and it admits to being a partner with Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) for the improvement of their delivery performance. RSL is a leading e-commerce order fulfillment company. The company has announced to work together to make effective use of Zebra’s Fetch robots to increase company productivity and competence.

Several robotics providers are in numerous varieties in the industry but after evaluating Rakuten Super Logistics choose to Fetch autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). AMRs are machinery vehicles that move materials around the facility without moving the parcel or object physically and these options are a requirement in the current market.

In its initial position, it is planned for the second quarter of 2022, that RSL chooses the solution to manage the workflow and augment labour. RSL is predicting to initiate the solution for warehouse facilities and its solutions to other warehouses for the future years.

Rakuten Super Logistics CEO Michael Manzione mentions, they have reached an essential point in their operation, that their requirement to seek productivity gain and labour shortage issue needs to be solved. Michael Manzione after the review process assures that Zebra Technologies is an optimal solution for the company.

Rakuten Super Logistics

Zebra Technologies improves the supply chain process and reduce time as well.

Rakuten Super logistics plans to use the FlexShelf line of AMRS, which will upgrade its picking efficiency, terminate unnecessary steps in its process, and maximize the productivity of front-line workers. Fetch robotics AMRs will unite with RSL’s warehouse management system for the workflows and maximize investments.

Zebra Technologies, general managers of Robotics automation inform that Flexshelf can decrease the time period for the pickers which occupies walking, preceding to 60%. Their diversified solution will unite the best of Zebra and Fetch to help the companies bring new modernization and improved accuracy, work safety for the RSL warehouse.

Fetch AMRs has the capacity to deliver three times, its productivity and facility have increased. They operate faster than other fulfillment AMRs. Flexshelf allows supplying flexible configurations for bin categorize and spacing. It improves to reduce the workers’ training time, increase in picking accuracy and pick-side lighting which will be a critical element during the seasonal periods, where seasonal staff and order volumes are at highest levels.

Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics colloborating with top Zebra Technologies.

About Rakuten Super Logistics and Zebra Technologies. 

Zebra allows the organizations to thrive as an on-demand economy by the front-line workers, asset edge visible, connected and entirely optimized. Their ecosystem of 10,000 partners is widely spread to 100 countries. Zebra serves customers of all sizes with a dynamic and award-winning portfolio of software, services, hardware, solutions that digitize. Zebra invention product gives the clarity of sense, analysis and act. Zebra is expanding its network with Fetch Robotics acquisition; they plan to increase its machine vision and AI capabilities.

RSL is founded in 2001, its founder is Hiroshi Mikitani. It is leading in e-commerce order fulfillment and it is known for e-commerce quick deliveries, efficiency in orders, and reduced shipping costs. The company features have cloud-based fulfillment platforms and it even features integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Magento, Walmart Marketplace, and Shopify.