Microsoft computer technology corporation is collaborating with Kraft Heinz to advance their supply chain with their new digital innovation. They are creating Digital twin and other advanced supply chain solutions.

 In April 21,2022 Kraft Heinz Company and Microsoft Corp declared that these both companies will be collaborating for their supply chain solution to accelerate the consumer transformation which will allow a more resilient supply chain.

Kraft Heinz’s largest technology company made its investment and AGILE key driver of the company made the approach to initiate this transformation. Microsoft Azure is based as a cloud platform and Kraft Heinz will relocate its global data center to Azure. 

Kraft Heinz is adapting this new transformation in their daily operations for their collaborative supply chain will intensify consumer experiences by its real-time predictive analytics to provide improvement in inventory transparency, anticipate consumer and channel demand. 


Kraft Heinz and Microsoft collaborate to advance their supply chain.

Microsoft and Azure adapted digital tools 

Azure Digital Twins is being used in this partnership which is more fascinating, Microsoft IOT sector has proceeded with its digital representation for real-world. They are planning to use tech models which is around 34 owned manufacturing facilities in North America with optimal product capacity and they keeping themselves aware for the predicting problems.

The Engineer (IOT) sector mentioned about utilization and the company is focusing on “Supply Chain Control Tower” to detect plant operations and automation across Kraft Heinz’s product portfolio to provide with air traffic control to give real-time visibility.

Microsoft Executive vice president mentioned, for over the past 2 years the requirement of digital is becoming a necessity in the supply chain sector. This collaboration has partnered with Kraft Heinz services such as data analytics and the industrial metaverse to innovate and to give a hybrid environment where the goods responsibility will be on retailers and consumers.

Kraft Heinz will collaborate with its new innovation of “Supply Chain Control Tower” by providing the service of air traffic to have the entire access of the product portfolio, this tower will give real-time visibility into operations and automation of supply chain distribution across Kraft Heinz 85 product categories.


Azure Digital Twins tool will be used for their supply chain.

This advance innovation by Azure’s Al, IoT and data analytics will permit the company to get its products to more than 2,500 U.S retailers and to provide food service to customers, which is turning out to be cost-effective. Kraft Heinz partnership with Microsoft is a part of a transformation strategy which is providing them with machine learning, advanced analytics for innovation and efficiency for their supply chain to enable the products to reach in the market rapidly for their customers.

Moreover, Kraft Heinz came up with digital twins for 34 owned manufacturing facilities in North America to provide test and improved solutions before applying on the plant floor. This Digital Twin will predict outcomes that identify as optimal product capacity and decrease mechanical interruptions issues by proactively addressing the issues with the target of ensuring the product reaches with the highest quality to consumers and retailers.

This new partnership between Kraft Heinz and Microsoft will provide a joint “Digital Innovation office” to engineers who will provide the company to achieve digital manufacturing and efficiency with hybrid experience.