Maersk is building an entirely new integrated logistics in Dubai; a new step will build and benefit the entire supply chain sector. It is adapting advanced technology with single access they will have access to multiple logistics requirements.

The first Integrated Logistics center got launched in Dubai, by the Maersk Kanoo UAE. DP World is the foremost logistics and trade hub in Jafza with a 10,000 sq in (W&D) facility. It will provide to commodities across retail, lifestyle, petrochemical and (FMCG) fast-moving consumer goods and technology, automotive sectors which includes others as well.

In addition, to decarbonize logistics and services, the solar panels on the rooftop will facilitate to entire electricity requirements for facility operations. Clean energy production installation is decreased to more than 1,700 tonnes of carbon emission over the period of 10 years, and decarbonization was achieved when they planted over 70,000 trees seedling for the same period.

The Maersk line launches an integrated logistics solution and their customer are demanding more from the supply chain-side, it is a highly competitive market environment. As Dubai is the existing global footprint, they made around 250 warehouses. In 2021 alone it opened 85 warehouses which cover 1.5 million sq m in 50 more countries.


Maersk launches an advance integrated logistics solution, which will be high competitive for the supply chain sector.

These benefits of logistics are located closely with seaport operations and to the strategic location of Al Maktoum Airport. It will permit the facility for serving consumers, which requires air cross-docking and to (LCL) less than container load of cargo. Maersk carrier’s efforts are for the pro-customer approach which is a multi-modal and overall containerized cargo provision. It includes truck, rail, and barge services for the delivery from West India to Bangladesh. The route of Bangladesh is known to be the busiest cargo gateway.

Though Maersk has been topmost one and it provides logistics services, it is launching modern technology and digital solution at the state-of-the-art warehouse management, it is adapting the technology for the efficient track, inventory management, trace down at unit-level and it offers rich dashboards which provide higher visibility and useful insights.

The advanced solution and tools for expiry date management is wastage loss in FMCG in fast-moving consumer goods can decrease down to zero, it will be a cost-competitive edge for company customers.


Maersk in 2030 predicts to achieve minimum of 90% green operation at our depots, warehouses, and cold stores.

This time Maersk’s has integrated services which include landside transportation, customer clearance, ocean shipping, contract logistics, and e-commerce solutions. This advanced variety of services will provide benefits such as higher visibility, leading to potentially faster turnaround times, solid control, reduce shifting of their cargo, and better predictability for their supply chain.

The Integrated Logistics center is launched by Regional Managing director Richard Morgan, Maersk West & Central Asia, and Managing director, Christopher cook, Managing Director, and Maersk UAE.

The director Richard Morgan mentions that the first integrated logistics center strengthen commitment for their customer in the Middle east. This journey will provide an overall logistics solution and simplify their customer supply chain journey which is designed in a way according to specific requirements and its challenges. Maersk wants to achieve a minimum of 90% green operation at our depots, warehouses, and cold stores globally by 2030.