Aussie logistic technology company Premonition and Shippit are collaborating for their service. This new logistics platform includes technology, which will expand its vision and benefits for the other companies.


The logistics software start-up Shippit, Sydney-based logistics made its first acquisition. The Australian logistics tech company premonition around for $20.5 million. Tiger Global backed does not reveal acquisition is made in scrip or cash. There is a total of 21 members across to Shippit.

Shippit founder mentions, they have known Premonition founder CEO for about seven years, they started their own companies at the same period. It is a requirement to change the mission of Shippit to deliver a parcel of around 200 million shipments by 2025. The company vision is to connect with existing logistics infrastructure, provide a delightful experience and decrease the wastage for online shopping and e-commerce. Premonition provides us the allowance to connect with numerous parts of the logistics ecosystem.

Using a multi-carrier logistics platform that has adapted artificial intelligence, that solves the problem to connect retailers with excellent delivery options. It allows them to offer same-day delivery and track the last-mile logistics.

The co-founder Premonition Lorge mentions, for the past seven years, he found no tech-based solution available that can help them connect to community groups and food banks companies. The tech company played a role for the companies to connect carriers directly with retailers. Around 7% of the delivery volumes were observed to be completed in Australia which was quite successful and downside, it continued to offer the technology for free, not for the profit groups.


Shippit founder William on and Rob Hango-Zada collaborating with Aussie logistics for a new platform .

The company Premonition provides its logistics customers an entire suite of delivery and route optimization, fleet management tools, delivery management, and customer support. The team is prepared to invest in the platform. These seven years of company vision will be fulfilled.

Though Shippit has been raising its funds for series – C capital round. Last year, funds were raised with a boost; it even declines with the same amount. Till now the company has raised $40 million. William CEO mentions for its future vision in 2025, next three years its ambition at 200 million waste-free shipments.


About the Company Aussie tech and Shippit

 Shippit was founded in 2014, the current founder is William on and Rob Hango-Zada. The Shippit announced the acquisition of technology firm premonition for an undisclosed amount to help the company to take benefit of online shopping. It is a software as a service (SaaS) platform which helps enterprise logistics optimize and it operate their transport network. The company Premonition courier counts to boots up more than 40 million deliveries from the last year.



Shippit has raised the funds around $40 millions.

Aussie logistics the idea was led by Richardson. The company aimed at the service to provide influencers to connect, improve engagement by removing unauthentic followers. Around 16,000 creators joined in six months and adapted Q83’s media kit builder which included invoicing, reporting tools, and campaign management.

Shippit CEO mentions Aussie logistics Premonition being part of Shippit group, is thrilling for the company. They have observed an unprecedented shift to online shopping and it has created an overwhelming demand for last-mile logistics.