Kyndryl manages infrastructure services for plant production applications. Kendryl through agreement plans to collaborate with Honda company to elevate its security and IT transformation.

On July 14, 2022 world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, the company announced a multi-year deal with American Honda Motor Company, which expanded Kyndryl’s work to support AHM’s infrastructure transformation over U.S. researching, manufacturing plants, captive finance, development and sales operations. This partnership will support AHM’s efforts to tackle its data and bring advanced innovation for their customers.

President of Kyndryl, Matt Milton mentions, Kyndryl has worked with Honda for countless years and provided help in evolving their business as the mobility industry has gone through a major transformation of the consumer experience. Honda is involving new ideas of innovation, leveraging data for the value of its organization and we are looking towards working to help them update their operation to deliver this strategy in future.

American Honda Motor Assistant Vice President of Enterprise IT service, Adam Sparks mentions the speedy transformation for the mobility industry and auto, they are thrilled to work with Kyndryl to discern critical business transformation to allow by IT that permit Honda to prepare for an electrified future. Kyndryl will contribute to efficiency and determination across all North America, that will provide us with establishing new connected services and products.


Honda and Kyndryl collaboration will elevant security and IT transformation.

Supply chain disruption can robust the flow of critical electronic components for the diagnostics, convenience and safety features in modern vehicles. Environmental and sustainability instructions are forcing over-the-board Re-invention of what gets made and how. Consumer inclination has re-shaped automotive buying/pick up in ways that manufactures can address by leveraging data to provide a streamline decision making.

This strategic partnership holds the key to successes in scenarios, both physical realm of affecting materials and sourcing, in digital realm of implementing, managing the operational technologies and designing are vital to survival and success. A modern IT infrastructure must be collected from high quality components and controlled by the best people. Kyndryl provides its offer to our customers.

Honda has maintained them to drive their hybrid cloud strategy and IT infrastructure over India and the U.S. These agreements represent a strong resumption of Kyndryl’s long standing work with Honda. It incorporates several aspects of business transformation by innovative approaches and data analytics to operational control. They are supporting Honda to embrace cloud technologies, improving connect data over missions for critical operation. It even includes research and development, manufacturing plants and sales operations to boost efficiency and client journey as well.


Kyndryl President, Matt Milton.

The customer requires help with digital transformation and it is analyzed that they are placing trust in Kyndrul’s expertise and increasing value their business can bring. Industry-leading services delivery has been immensely enhanced through collaboration and partnership with best hyperscalers, solution providers. This era of enterprise software is written for cloud, Kyndryl formed alliances with 20 partners and began eight months as an independent company.

Kyndryl has worked with Google, Nokia, NetApp, Cloudera, Microsoft and more to give best service to their customers, especially those who demand innovation.