330 million people will use 5G and online presence will expand in areas such as e-commerce, healthcare, and education. The digital infrastructure sector will need up to $23 billion in investment by 2025 to support the growing demand for digital services and growing online traffic.

Digital infrastructure sector is becoming a platform to improve both the citizens and the economic prospects for business, which includes New business startups, expansion of opportunities, and local economic growth. Recently, the digital infrastructure sector needs an investment of approximately $23 billion by 2025, to support the increasing demand for digital service and rising online traffic, a report said.

In 2025, EY joint reported releasing in collaboration with (DIPA) Digital infrastructure providers Association, shared data projection for the investment required in physical-digital infrastructure vital for connecting people online by 2025.

EY markets TMT leader Prashant Singhal said, Whether it is health tech, edutech, consumer tech India is leading the way. We will see $200 billion e-commerce market, $12 billion edutech market.

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Prashant Singhal, TMT leader said, India is innovating on digital.

“India is innovating on digital. For this revolution to happen, we require the digital infrastructure in place. Tower companies are transforming themselves into digital infrastructure companies. This would require an investment of approximately $20 billion over the next 3-5 years added by Prashant Singhal, TMT leader.

According to the EY-DIPA joint report, as many as 330 million people will be using 5G, and sectors like e-commerce, education, healthcare will grow their presence online.

Digital technology is helping to increase the efficiency of service, products, and the system. It helps maintain data flow, tracks, streamline processes, and manage contacts and employee records. It has increased the efficiency in operation to reduce costs and enables the business to grow rapidly.


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EY investment range is $17-23 billion will be essentially needed in the segment by 2025.

This settlement terms of investment came in the range of $7 billion to $9 billion each for macro tower additions and fiber deployments range, $2-3 billion for outdoor small cells which will be important for 5G roll out, $500-800 million in Wi-Fi and in-building solutions, $500-700 million in edge data centers and $500 million in data centers.

The government is planning to uplift telecom infrastructure across the country, by ahead launching the 5G network, with plans to add new mobile towers over the next two years. The investor plans to invest in fibre deployments for outdoor small cells which will be important for 5G, investing in the range of approximately 3 billion.