Bill Gates, a well-known philanthropist and billionaire, gave India’s vast digital public infrastructure a ringing appreciation on Wednesday. He praised the excellent digital network of the nation, dependable and affordable connection, and predicted that this will be the cheapest 5G market.

The Microsoft co-founder spoke at a session about building resilient and inclusive economies- the Promise of Digital Public Infrastructure on Wednesday in New Delhi, which was held as part of India’s G20 presidency. He discussed India’s Aadhaar digital identity system, its payment infrastructure, and the quick steps the nation has taken to include more people in the formal banking system. India, in particular, has created the foundation for digital public infrastructure by establishing the identification system as the first layer on top of which individuals can construct. There are a huge number of applications that may be made possible by including financial access and payment as trusted components of that. The beginning of this is only now. Speaking at the occasion, Gates noted that an amazing inventiveness in the use of this across numerous industries was witnessed.


Bill Gates said that this is the year to highlight India’s advances in other fields as well as in digital public infrastructure.

Around the globe, covid-19 has shown the importance of digital payment systems for expediting emergency relief payments, according to William and Melinda Gates Foundation co-chair and trustee Gates. No country has established a more comprehensive platform than India. India was in the lead in putting out (relief) payments…during the pandemic because of the pioneering investment, including building the fundamental Aadhaar identification, added Gates.

He claimed that India can serve as ‘an example’ for other nations in terms of development. The digital vision from the outset encompassed areas like supporting the government with its work or permitting the interchange of educational materials, he noted. The Indian system is more ambitious in this regard. According to Gates, this is an exciting year to highlight India’s advances in other fields as well as in digital public infrastructure. The philanthropist also added that it is wonderful that India is taking the lead in this as part of the G20 Presidency, intending to make people aware of its advantages and offering to assist them as they adopt it to meet their needs.



Gates praised the competitive private market during the session.

Gates expressed that many countries around the world, specifically developing countries adopting these things will be a great strategy. He praised the competitive private market during the session. It was further stated that India’s competitive private sector, dependable and affordable connection, and innovation environment will make it the least expensive 5G market. With a very high percentage of its population utilising cell phones, India has a great digital network, which is one thing that is fairly fantastic about it. The nation also used feature phones to open deals.

 A vital factor for India is connectivity which has opened many doors for the nation’s development. The connectivity has been excellent, extremely dependable, and the cheapest in the entire world. The same thing will also occur with 5G. Without a doubt, this will be the most affordable 5G market. According to Gates, as long as other nations improve their public infrastructure, they can adopt the Indian model. Just Monday, India and Singapore connected their digital payment systems, which is a worthwhile goal.