In Gandhinagar, the Government has the permission to build an overground and underground Telegraph infrastructure. On Friday, Gujarat government announced its Telecom infrastructure policy 2022.

Offices and departments all are accountable and responsible for granting permissions for the fibre optical network and under the single-roof mobile towers has been provided single-window for the projects. According to Gujarat government Telecom infrastructure policy for 2022, will provide allowance to engaged laying of telecom infrastructure which includes optical fibre network and installation of mobile towers.

The 2022 Gujarat Policy is expected to help in the launch of 5G network and across the state broadband connectivity of the internet but still in 512 villages telecom connectivity is not available to these villages. As per the policy of Technology and Science Department, a single-window clearance.

Gujarat Telecom Infrastructure Policy

In Gujarat the setup for installing (UTI) Underground Telegraph Infrastructure and (OTI) Overground Telegraph infrastructure will increase its demand and companies will be able to afford it. The State of Gujarat charges for overground infrastructure are fixed at Rs. 10,000 and it is fixed at Rs 1,000/km for underground infrastructure.

Governments have apprehension of the need for making a robust information and communication Technology infrastructure with sufficient bandwidth at reasonable rates. Demand and Data consumption have increased as digital penetration has increased; the infrastructure and bandwidth are not able to keep up with the demands, as per Gujarat government.

Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom Infrastructure will setup in Gujarat.

Digital Infrastructure Providers Association, Director-General mentions, ROW Rules implementation in a continuous manner will result in impacting and faster readies of Gujarat for contributing for Digital India roadmap, Digital society and Smart Cities.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli of Union Territory which includes Daman and Diu notified Right of Way Order 2022. The center policy initiates deployment of towers, cell on wheel, micro sites, small cells, OFC, in-building solution which is important to improve the digital connectivity across urban municipal corporations.

In 2016, the Government informed the Right of way rules, that provides a framework to build telecom towers and laying of fiber cables and settle disputes in a time-bound manner. This policy will provide for improving coordination between companies and state government authorities and local bodies. ROW rules suggest certain time period clearance within 60 days with considered approval provision.

Telecom Infrastructure

Gujarat Government has permit the plan to establish (UTI) and (OTI).

The Government has stated a benefit that without bureaucratic hurdles/obstacles (UTI) underground telegraph infrastructure and (OTI) overground telegraph infrastructure will be set up. Government acknowledges the value of digital communication; they plan to set it up in Gujarat.

For granting the permission is available online and for maximum time is mentioned on application to set up UTI and OTI within 60 days. The state government has diverse rules by different departments while permitting for permission.

According to the Government, with this new advance implementation of the ROW policy by the state government of Gujarat, growth will increase as a result of ease of e-transaction and with the extent of internet bandwidth. Through this unified policy for the entire administrative departments will allow the benefits to take single action on this online platform.