AI is used for the supply chain, and it became a technology solution in the time of Covid-19, brought new solutions during a disruption, 7bridges played that huge role and raised $17M.

A startup called 7 bridges is focusing on simplifying the Al- platform, getting the entire logistics from a single interface, and it gives you control over logistics cost, operations, and performance. It consumes a company’s supply chain, operates, and shows logistics data to present a user with optimized recommendations for moving goods. It is announced $17 million in new funding, this came as a demand in the market to improve and fix the supply chain process.

The most critical part of running a business in supply chain logistics, is to get the goods and finished products. It leads to complex processes, dozens of companies, hundreds of combinations and transformations, accounts for world events outside of your business and it takes lots of time to figure it out. But, 7 bridges bring innovation for supply chain.


Due to covid supply chain disruptions 7bridges helped in logictics.

“The pandemic presented a moment of realization for those companies that still had their heads in the sand. Added having an adaptive supply chain is a saving business issue.

The disruption by Covid-19 led to huge demands for many businesses, in other areas such as e-commerce they found themselves getting squeezed as a result of the disruption, the pharmaceuticals started getting a huge amount of orders for drugs, and because it was less, people were anxious and forced demands. During covid period disruptions and older methods were adding up to huge inefficiency.

Mckinsey shared a data of 7 bridges cities that 50% logistics spend goes to waste, and it is closing the gaps for companies. The importance of fixing is necessary, 85% of supply chain executives found inefficiency and it is becoming a “cause for concern” to fix it immediately.

7 bridges

supply chain menthode is improving by 7bridges technology.

7 bridges developed a technology solution to digitize design, management and optimization of supply chains. It will enable a wide range of businesses to better the power of data. Al helps and supports commercial decision-making. 7 bridges holds the potential to address a largely unmet market need and will improve companies’ supply chains.

Beremski said “Logistics is going through a digital transformation,so all the services within it are available through APIs. All that makes building a system like 7 bridges and getting the customer on board. It helped other tech startups emerging to tackle other aspects of the logistics equation, planning a course for more evolution. Every sector of companies that they choose to include are adding such as Flexpot, Zencargo; a massive wave of last-mile delivery startups; ERP companies like Central; and it focused on fixing and defragmenting manufacturing capacity such as Xometry. These have laid the groundwork for more companies to tackle other aspects in the space.