Five logistics hubs will be built along the 172 km Pune ring road by MSRDC (The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation). The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation is eager to establish at least 5 logistics hubs along the stretch, according to MSRDC MD (Managing Director) Radheshyam Mopalwar, because the Pune ring road connects eight national highways/expressways.

He stated that along the state’s motorway, logistical hubs would emerge, which would be extremely beneficial to both the industry and agricultural sectors. Most of the country’s motorways have multi-modal logistics parks that follow a hub and spoke design. By reducing the cost of warehousing, minimising the pollution and congestion caused by vehicles, and enhancing track & traceability of shipments through infrastructural, procedural, and informational technology initiatives, they contribute to reducing overall freight costs.

Most of the country’s motorways have multi-modal logistics parks that follow a hub and spoke design

According to Radheshyam Mopalwar, the Pune ring road as well as the multi-modal corridor (which connects Virar and Alibaug) would create new development opportunities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and the Pune Metropolitan Region, which will aid in reducing the current urban sprawl.

On Samruddhi Mahamarg, 18 places have already been designated by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation as townships, logistics centres, or Krishi Samruddhi Kendras. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority has informed nine townships along the multi-modal corridor in a similar vein. According to Radheshyam Mopalwar, the Pune ring road will use the same methodology.

Ajit Pawar, the leader of the opposition, proposed last week that hubs with wholesale markets be established to relieve congestion in the old city regions. The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) was approached by the FTAP (Federation of Trade Associations of Pune), the umbrella organisation of various traders’ associations in the city, three years ago to provide approximately 1000 acres of land on lease so that 34 wholesale and semi-wholesale markets could be relocated from the congested city areas to the suburbs.

The MMRA has informed nine townships along the multi-modal corridor in a similar vein

Fatechand Ranka, president of the Federation of Trade Associations of Pune, has sent the state government multiple letters requesting that the wholesale market be relocated from the centre of the city to a position close to the ring road. He continued by saying that they were searching for an infectious property to build one of the best wholesale markets in the state. The Pune Plywood Dealers Association, Pune Automobile Dealers Association, Used Car Dealers Association, Brass and Copper Merchant Association, Pune Transport Association, and Stainless Steel Merchant Association are a few of the organisations that promote the demand for land.

The state government also waived last month the additional development fees that the PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Development Authority) had been charged during the previous five years. Between July 2018 and April 2023, the PMRDA received Rs 332 crore in revenue. The Maharashtra chief minister made the choice at the PMRDA annual budget meeting. Additionally, he approved a budget of Rs. 1926 crore for the year 2023–2024.

The CM also gave the officials instructions to investigate the idea of imposing new sector-specific development fees beginning in April 2023. For the Thane and Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the state government had already made a similar choice. The Sahyadri Guest House in Mumbai served as the location for the 10th meeting of the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority.