An American multinational company Boeing plans to invest Rs 200 crore in India to set up a logistics centre for the stock of aeroplane parts. This step will boost its footprints in India amid a larger plane order. Also announced that they launch its GSC (Global Support Centre) in India and will also establish a new logistics centre in India as the aircraft manufacturer seeks to expand its presence in India. The company has launched its 1st Global Support Centre in India, where it will offer specialized solutions to increase operational efficiency and safety improvement projects for its airline customers, civil aviation regulatory bodies and other industry stakeholders. Besides, it will build a new logistics centre which will cater to customers, by doing so, it would ensure prompt delivery of spare parts to commercial flights and later on, defence aircraft as well.


Boeing plans to invest Rs 200 crore in India to set up a logistics centre

Boeing India President Salil Gupte stated that India continues to see an unprecedented surge in civil aviation traffic, and the company is dedicated to innovating and adding value to modernize the Indian aviation ecosystem. He further added that the Global Support Centre will provide a platform for allowing knowledge sharing to improve safety and increases operational efficiency for Boeing’s airline partners in the country. The company will organise technical workshops and projects to support aircraft reliability, improve airplane performance, and encourage the adoption of airplane health management systems, he added.


Boeing Corporation has launched its 1st Global Support Centre in India

This action comes ahead of Air India’s anticipated mega-firm order for 220 Boeing aircraft—190 single-aisle B737 Max, 20 B787 Dreamliners, and 10 B777X – which will include the options for a large number of additional aircraft that Tata Group can covert to firm order at a subsequent date without a longer delivery time.  Boeing estimates that during the next 20 years, India’s airlines will need 2200 new aircraft, with narrowbody aircraft making up the majority of those needed. The location of the prospective India logistics centre has not yet been chosen, according to Salil Gupte. It will initially serve as a distribution hub for industrial clients as well as our commercial airline. According to the needs of the client, the company will store spare parts at the centre where they may be quickly obtained. As a result, less time will be spent waiting for spare parts on the ground for aircraft. In the future, the firm will store military aircraft spare parts at this facility.