Flipkart signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Karnataka skill development to provide help in mobilizing youth from the state.


Flipkart is a India’s e-commerce marketplace, has signed an agreement between MoU and (KSDC) Karnataka Skill Development Corporation to launch (SCOA) Supply Chain Operations Academy in the state. This approach aim to provide help in creating a skilled supply chain operations talent and supply relevant industry knowledge and training.

This provides future help to complete the skill gap and create job opportunities in expanding the supply chain industry in the country. On Friday, the company signed an MoU with Skill Development Corporation in Karnataka on side-lines of the Industry Connect Conclave, it includes logistics sector presence such as Principal Secretary, Entrepreneurship & Livelihood, Principal Secretary, Department of Skill Development, Dr. S Selvakumar, Gov Karnataka and Mr Ashwin Gowda and others. In this mobilizing and training youth from the state, they will work in partnership with Flipkart, MoU and KSDC.

In October last year, it launched a specialized and boosting training program beneath SCOA (Supply Chain Operations Academy) that is designed and built through the Flipkart team to provide holistic experience and train candidates. It will require over 15 days of digital classroom training and 45 days of apprenticeship at the Flipkart supply chain.


Flipkart CEO, Krishna Raghavan expands its supply chain with Karnataka Skill Development training.

It design an impart knowledge on aspect of the e-commerce supply chain and supply chain roles within safety, soft skills and compliance to how. This skill initiative which will empower youth to build careers require 60-day training in several aspects of supply chain management and verify them to rise their employment for candidates.

Flipkart Chief People officer, Krishna Raghavan mentions, the fastest growing economies in the world and significant increase of population under the age of 35 years, this is necessary to verify, that young population is skilled to complement the nation’s economic growth and unleash their real potential. This e-commerce logistics that forms the backbone of industry has been a key propeller as a growth sector that offers great opportunities for job seekers and in supply chain as well.

As a homegrown e-commerce marketplace, its developing essential skill sets in candidates to enhance their employability by their tech qualify modern supply chain. Supply chain Operation Academy aim to offer a judicious mix of online and job training wholesome development of the workforce.


Flipkart is creating job opportunities for their supply chain industry.

According to recent BCG and Dell foundation study, the potential gig economy services up to 90 million jobs, especially in India’s non-farm sector and contributes 1.25% of the country’s GDP for a longer term. It requires large-scale upskilling initiative, e-commerce logistics space to build a pipeline of talented individuals who are skilled in several aspects of supply chain management and Flipkart’s Supply Chain Operation Academy initiative to permit this effort. Flipkart underwent online training by job training are on-board students from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Rajasthan.

Through shortlisted students in this program get an opportunity for full-time supply chain employment facilities over the country. In May, company has signed (MoU) Memorandum of Understanding with (PBSSD) Paschim Banga Society of Skill Development, Training and Skill development department, govt. of west Bengal to transmit relevant knowledge and industry training by SCOA (Supply Chain Operations Academy)