GXO is firmly focused on their logistics market which the company plans to expand, to nearly 3.5% by 2023.

GXO Logistics, known as world’s largest contract logistics provider and they have informed about their strategic intent to remarkably grow with its share of warehouse related logistics market located in Germany for over the next five years.

The German contract logistics market is approximately valued at $20 billion in annual turnover and it is expected to expand at the rate of nearly 3.5% by 2023, currently an exceptional growth opportunity for GXO.

GXO President, Richard Cawston mentions, they see extensive potential for growth in Germany and assembled an experienced team to deliver. As micro-environment and supply chain disruption build new complexities, they can analyze increased demand for solutions and automation which drive productivity and efficiency, while contributing rapidly to their customers. Their industry is leading in custom automated solutions, technology, outstanding service, flexibility, scalability, making them logistics partners of choice and including omni channel logistics.

GXO Logistics

GXO logistics has potential growth in logistics market.

For leading forward growth efforts in Germany, GXO logistics has announced and tapped Heiko Oberlander, which is a twenty year industry veteran. It was previously with DSV, he was responsible for Global Business Development and focused on automotive and electronic verticals. It held leadership roles at Rhenus Logistics and Panalpina.

GXO Logistics is recognized as leading logistics in ecommerce and fashion globally. The company aims to leverage its expertise and experience in these sectors, its growing success in grocery logistics, to entice new business in Germany.

This recent release for future statements within the meaning of section 27A of securities act of 1993 and section 21E of Securities Exchange act of 1934 amended. These statements are regarding their future growth possibility in Germany. This proceeding statement is qualified through cautionary statements concerning uncertainties, assumptions and unknown risks which can be found in GXO filings with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

GXO Logistics

GXO envisions for efficient and reliable supply chain.

GXO Logistics

GXO is a world leading in providing cutting-edge logistics solutions for multinational companies and especially the blue chip market. It is one of the largest contract logistics providers which is advantageous from rapid growth of automation, e-commerce and outsourcing. GXO is dedicated to provide a world-class workplace with around 120,000 team members over more than 900 facilities approximately 200 million sq. ft. GXO even has partnered with world’s leading blue chip companies to resolve complex logistics issues with advanced technology for supply chain and ecommerce solutions with speed.

GXO’s ultimate vision and focus is to move goods through supply chains with critical reliability and efficiency. They interact with customers on the most complex requirements and biggest challenges. Their logistics processes which engineers make are leaner, faster and smarter supply chain according to customer requirements.