DHL expands its supply chain with Volvo trucks, this cooperation agreement adapts the speeding transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles.

DHL the Germany logistics company founded in 1969, the founders are Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. Recently, Deutsche Post DHL announced 44 new electric trucks from Volvo for its European operations. The company Volvo Trucks and DHL both the companies did a cooperation deal to increase speeding transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles.

The logistics group has mentioned, they plan to order from Volvo Trucks including 40 electric trucks of the Volvo FL models and Volvo FE, which will be used for parcel delivery in urban traffic. The supply chain delivery electric trucks for longer distances are part of the order of DHL which will be used for regional transport and beginning with four Volvo FM Electric at the location in the UK. The trucks are already ordered, two by DHL Freight and six by DHL Parcel UK.

In Urban transports the company order involves 40 electric tricks of the model Volvo FE and Volvo FL which is to be used for package deliveries. Electric trucks will create scope for longer routes and DHL began using Volvo trucks for regional hauling.


DHL orders 40 electric trucks for their supply chain delivery.

First trucks have been ordered, two by DHL Freight and six by DHL Parcel UK. This DHL Group annual saving will result in nearly 600 tons of CO2 and 225,000 liters of diesel fuel. Deutsche Post DHL Group, Executive Vice President Pablo Ciano mentioned, DHL Group is committed to meet increasing customer demand for green and sustainable solutions. By 2050, the company plans to achieve a long-term goal of net zero emissions. Logistics service provider, the new transformation of vehicle fleet is an essential lever to help them avoid CO2 emission on the road. Several divisions will benefit from the agreement with Volvo Trucks.

In February 2021, a project was introduced for a heavy-duty electric truck for regional transport. Volvo FH total weight is up to 60 tonnes which will be used in Sweden between DHL Freight two logistics terminals. By the end of November 2020, DHL continued to use a Volvo electric trust for their deliveries in London’s West, this was the first electric-heavy truck to be used for urban logistics in the UK.

Volvo Trucks President, Roger mentions, DHL is a major global logistics provider who has committed to reduce its impact on climate change. The company with this partnership spirit will make a difference and they aim to reach their science-based targets to reduce their climate impacts.


Volvo Trucks and DHL collaborates for London delivery.

This agreement involves adoption of new Volvo technologies and joint development activities around to its field of electrification, analysis by Volvo Trucks of DHL’s transport operations, the company aim to ensure successful deployment of electrical transport solutions.

In Europe, Volvo Trucks is leading the market for all-electric trucks with a market share of 42%. In 2019, Volvo Trucks has started serial production of electric trucks, it has delivered the electric trucks to international locations of customers such as North America, Australia and Europe.