10-minute deliveries have been very inconsistent to say the very least and a smooth process to maintain the quality of the products is needed 


There are many delivery companies that have started to offer faster service and are trying their level best to provide the goods and services to its customers as soon as possible. Companies like Swiggy, Zomato have started to explore the field of 10-minute deliveries but it might be a very difficult task considering the amount of food that is ordered is large as well as the companies need to ensure that in order to make sure that the goods reaching people early, the quality of the goods should not be compromised upon.

BlinkIt (formerly Grofers) and Dunzo look forward to the 10-minute deliveries as the delivery partners just need to pick up the goods needed by the customer and deliver it to their address. It looks easy but when we go into the details of this, it looks more complicated. Cold storage products include fruits,vegetables, processed meat, dairy products amongst others. Cold storage is a small walk-in cooler or freezer with area 1,000 sq ft or less to 200,000 sq ft or more, warehouses at freezing temperatures or cooler (chiller) temperatures. The preservation of the above mentioned products at a wrong temperature might spoil the product and it might never reach the customer or a spoilt product will reach the customer.


Home deliveries by customers have increased a lot since the pandemic

If big companies like Zomato, Swiggy, and Dunzo are looking at 10 minute deliveries, they need to keep a few factors in mind regarding cold storage. If the customers order any cold products, the company should make sure that the quality of the product is good, so that a spoiled product doesn’t reach the customer. In order to ensure the quality of the products, companies should have regular checks of the stores that they would be collaborating with, to ensure that good quality products reach the customer at the right time. 

The process behind manufacturing a delivery process like this requires a lot of work and the thought process should be absolutely clear as to how they would make sure that the 10 minute delivery time is met and at the same time quality of the product is not dropped. These companies collaborate with local stores every 2-3 kms and look at what all products they offer. If a store provides most of the products that are available, they might be chosen as the local store for that particular radius. The quality of the shop and how they maintain the products as well as the location of the shop matters a lot to the company. Therefore, as soon as an order is placed, the first information is provided to the store regarding the products. This is done to ensure that the order is ready by the time the delivery partner arrives and the delivery partner has enough time to reach the customer’s location. 


Delivery personnel give their everything to make sure that the product reaches in time to the customer 

There have been several question marks that were raised when the 10 minute delivery services started as the drivers are the ones that have the important task of delivering this within the allotted time. For each order, they need to go to the store, sign the delivery sheet and pick-up the order. After that, it is a race against time, as they need to deliver it before the promised time, and they have to reach the location by avoiding traffic and sometimes at different times of the day in varied weather conditions. An average delivery boy that will have to make 10-minute deliveries, we would assume that they would be making a lot of deliveries every day. But the worst part is that they are not getting any incentive at all for completing these deliveries within the stipulated time. 

Therefore, the success of 10-minute deliveries depends on a lot of factors. The main concern would be about the quality of the products which should not be compromised at all and customers should be satisfied with the product as well as the service provided by the company. The 10-minute delivery scheme has a long way to go and customers would be hoping that their products are of good quality and reach them on time with everyone being satisfied.