Lineage Logistics acquired Turvo to advance their supply chain. The partnership of both the companies through its technology will improve customer experience.

On 1st June, Lineage Company which is known to be world’s largest and innovative temperature is Controlled industrial REIT and logistics solution provider, the company has announced about acquiring Turvo which is a leading supply management, provider of collaboration and visibility software. The company has kept the financial terms of the transaction hidden.

The company’s long-standing collaboration between Lineage Logistics and Turvo, they made a previous investment in Turvo by Lineage Ventures. The supply chain vision is combined with collaboration with Lineage’s backing, Turvo will resume its focus on customers and it plans to accelerate innovation in its technology offering and with new expanding and adjacent markets which is an own brand of Lineage.

Bay Grove Co-Founder and Managing partner, Co-Executive Chairman of Lineage Adam Forste mentions, Lineage’s acquisition of Turvo is a natural extension of their partnership, last year through this collaboration they have successfully launched Lineage Link.

The company mentions, they believe in Turvo’s mission to accelerate visibility and synergies within the supply chain and they envision an opportunity for additional value creation for Lineage and Turvo customers. The company expects to lead the new Turvo Board of Directors and work with leadership to proceed its roadmap to drive a smarter and sustainable supply chain for the company.


Lineage logistics

Lineage Logistic acquires Turvo, for sustainable and smarter supply chain system.

Turvo CEO and Chairman, Scott Lang mentions, this is an exciting time for Turvo’s employees, partners and customers. Supported from Lineage and Bay Grove, Turvo will expand its innovation with greater reach and scale then before, while advancing the supply chain digitization globally. Through this their customers have the benefit from greater investments into their technology and vision.

Acquisition spiked a demand for transportation and warehousing, at this time the supply chain faces unique challenges. With collaboration with Turvo, they have explored unique opportunities to reduce the impact of challenges for customers. Challenges such as shortage of drivers, port congestion, trucks, or delivery of a product from farm to fork. Turvo matches customers to rail, truck or container assets that would be utilized.

CEO of Lineage and President, Greg Lehmkuhl mentions this bond with Turvo shows commitment for the innovation that futher our purpose of transforming the food supply chain to eliminate waste and provide help in feeding the world. By this investment that shall accelerate industry-leading technology that leverages supply chain synergies at scale, utilize across the network, confront the issue of density and decrease complexity and waste in the supply chain for customers to shippers to carriers.

Lineage logistics

Turvo is an advanced technology to improve the supply chain.

Turvo company

Turvo gives the world’s leading collaboration application designed, especially for supply chain. Turvo connects organizations and people, logistics providers, allowing shippers and carriers to connect their supply chains, deliver the customer with excellent experience, collaborate and accelerate growth. Technology unites all systems, external and internally and provide end-to-end solution to achieve all operations. Achieve analytics with banishing redundant manual tasks and automating business processes. Turvo based in the San Francisco Bay Area with expanding offices located in Hyderabad, Dallas, Texas and India.