An American airline has fined a passenger $75,000, which is the biggest fine ever issued by the regulators of US aviation. According to the reports, the passenger allegedly pushed one of the flight attendants and also spat at crew members on the flight. Another passenger on Delta Airlines was issued another fine, for biting a fellow passenger and violating the behavioural regulations when they tried to hug and kiss another.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) imposed a policy of zero-tolerance in January 2021. The aviation administration since then has filed fines of about $7 million for unmanageable passengers on flights. The highest of all were the two new fines issued by the administration on Friday. An American Airlines passenger was issued a fine of $81,950 that was proposed by the FAA on a July flight from Dallas to Charlotte, North Carolina, where the passenger was alleged to threaten to hurt the flight attendant, who tried to help the passenger as she fell into the aisle. The passenger pushed the attendant and tried to open the cabin door of the flight.


The cases of unruly passengers had increased.

According to the FAA, the passenger was constantly hitting one of the flight attendants on the head despite the two fellow passengers trying to restrain her from doing it. After she was finally refrained from in flex cuffs, she spat and tried to kick the other fellow passengers and the cabin crew. The FAA also issued a $77,272 fine to the Delta passenger on a July flight that was flying from Las Vegas to Atlanta, where the agency has alleged that the passenger tried to hug and kiss the passenger who was sitting next to her. She walked in front of the aircraft, tried to exit the flight and refused to return to her seat. She also alleged that she bit another passenger.

The delta flight has said that the zero tolerance for disobedient behaviour at the airports and on the flights is important for the safety of the staff of the flight and the customers. The zero-tolerance policy was mandated by the FAA when unmanageable passenger incidents increased around the month of January 2021, at the time of the attack on the US Capitol. The incidents were increasing still, after the administration of Joe Biden imposed a mandate which required the passengers to wear masks during the surge of covid cases in February 2021.


Joe Biden imposed a mandate which required the passengers to wear masks during the surge of covid cases.

The administration also mentioned that they understand that the customers want to go where there are fewer instructions. The agency just wants to get to a point where it is safe for them to do that, as air travel is a little different than many other environments and special precautions need to be followed.

The republicans in Congress and the airlines are pressing the white house to take the mask mandate towards an end. Some lawmakers have also sent a new letter to Joe Biden. The FAA has said that there has been a maintained record of 7,060 unmanageable passengers since January 2021 regarding the incidents and 70% of the total involved masking rules, but the rate has declined to 60% since 2021.