Bolt logistics is a company that provides last mile delivery and e-commerce fulfilment services. It is a leading business in the logistics industry, which has announced that it will position 30 electric vehicles (EVs) across the nation in the year 2022, in a partnership with home furnishing retailer and the leading company IKEA Canada.

This partnership and the maintainable initiative towards the delivery and e-commerce will enable both the companies to come closer to the goals they have in mind for carbon footprint detraction that is lead due to the industries. Bolt logistics is a company which is planning to eliminate carbon by the year 2023 and IKEA Canada is calling a mission to reach 100 per cent no-emission deliveries by the year 2025. This partnership will also mark as the largest zero-emissions of Canada and medium duty vehicle distribution for the purpose of commercial deliveries till the present date.

Blot logistics was founded in 2017 and is a leading technology enabled e-commerce provider based out of Canada. It provides last mile delivery services as well for the businesses including all sizes. Bolt logistics provide fulfilment in a customer focused and sustainable approach which includes pack and shipping, warehousing and last mile delivery. The company claims to deliver by operating as an addition to the customer’s group, in the best possible services ensuring cost effective, faster and customer satisfaction deliveries.


IKEA is a leading retailer of home furnishing that was founded in 1943

On the other hand, IKEA is a leading retailer of home furnishing that was founded in 1943, Sweden. The company provides a large range of functional and designed products for home furnishing at cost effecting prices and claims that their aim is to provide their services to as many people as possible. IKEA Canada is an extension of Ingka group, that operates in 32 countries with 389 stores in the world and including 14 stores in Canada. in the year 2021, the company also embraced 31 million visitors. 

Bolt’s zero emission trucks which are first of the company have finally hit the road across Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia this year and the company is planning for more regions to follow. The joint initiative by Bolt and IKEA Canda will take both the companies forward in the Canadian logistics industry, with e-commerce and delivery scenario, that will be done by improving and maintaining client relationships in order to withdraw carbon from their supply chain.


Bolt’s zero emission trucks which are first  Canadian emission free electric vehicles have finally hit the road.

Melissa Barbosa, the head of sustainability at IKEA Canada has said that the company is committed eliminate carbon emissions and growing its decarbonised delivery service, as transportation is one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis that the world is facing. The company has a vision to transform the market, that will be done by deploying the EVs, which are zero emission vehicles and will speed up the process and will help in fulfilling the company’s goal of becoming affordable and efficient to their customers.

With the initiate to provide customer focused solutions with improved sustainable supply chain, both Bolt and IKEA Canada are close to achieving their goals of emission reduction.