FM Logistics omnichannel is strengthening the supply chain process. This route planning software provides help to brands and delivery to enhance consumer experience and fulfill the objective that covers mileage.

The online shopping which is becoming an unavoidable trend has continued to the next decade, the town and cities have faced increasing challenges which is rising demand for urban logistics. According to Researcher, predicts that consumers will raise their demand on online buying into low categories such as groceries and furniture.

FM Logistics has one in eight vehicles in the inner city, either a van or a truck; the overall delivery vehicle in the world’s top 100 cities is predicted to grow in 2030 with 36%. Urban last-mile delivery for the same period is projected to rise by 78%.

The vehicle fleet’s electrification emission is projected to rise by the percentage of 32% with more congestion of 21%. Though the expanding time in transport time takes by 11 minutes on average. The series of outcomes/externalities will contribute to urban logistics.

These prominent factors, the supply chain experts required to address these issues and challenges to be able to fulfill their clients and aim at customers expectations. As per the Ipsos survey, it was observed that customers encounter delivery delays of 25% and around 13% of misleading parcel tracking guidance.

FM Logistics

FM Logistics Omnichannel is using tech software solutions.

The delivery time accuracy increased and reduced delivery slots, the safest way to deliver the parcel into the recipient’s hands. The flouring last-mile deliveries and transparent deliveries that keep the brand promise, to boost/intensify the omnichannel experience and be able to provide customers with their loyalty.

To fulfill the FM logistics to fulfill the customer expectation and handle the workload, professionals are looking forward to solutions such as avoiding congestion, increasing delivery speed and to use vehicle fleets more efficiently. According to environmental changes they consider to adopt eco-friendly practices, cover shorter distances and not to lose certain segments of customers. To resolve these different aspects of problems, the experts can rely on modern route planning software which can unlock the routes for optimisation and brand differences.

This route tracking software is not the latest in the logistics industry. Currently, the tech-enabled provides multiple functions to deliver last-mile a successful omnichannel experience. The strategic planning can decrease the distance driven which is upto 20%. As per Accenture, the solution progresses with vehicle occupancy with 30%. Therefore, it will optimize and develop the drop shipment.

FM Logistics

The route tracker software

In the driver space the data is consistently mapped from the vehicle and mobile device. The operator has a batch of information sources compliance to verify with the suggestive route, live delivery, likelihood of late deliveries and even the driving behavior through van’s speed profile.

Green-data for omnichannel 

The green roadmap as route planning software is upcoming in FM logistics. The continuous evaluation of the reduced carbon emission by up to 25% through this solution consumers will increase eco-awareness which will highlight the green delivery slots. This Green data-drive road map will be used by the FM logistics to improve its delivery experience.