According to a report presented to the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) on September 4th, Canal Shipping Agencies (CSAG) submitted a proposal for the possible project to be developed in the Montaza Palace neighborhood.

One of Egypt’s two most steadfast shipping organizations, Seabird Canal Shipping Agency Co. is regarded as one of the Top Elite shipping agencies. From 1965 to 1998, it provided several shipping services to the global commercial fleet as a public sector organization. From that point on, it operated as a free market and openly competitive shipping firm among the more than 100 in Egypt. The business is the shipping agency in ports along the Suez Canal, in the Gulf of Suez, on the A.R.E. Red Sea, in the Gulf of Aqaba, and in Arish. Along with canvassing and booking for goods, it is also renowned for handling import, export, transit, and transshipment commodities. There are seven major, functional stores included in the warehousing activity.


The plan to provide logistic support in Egypt would be a huge success and is a great investment

This is in reaction to recent news that Canal Shipping Agencies is looking to work with Dredging International of Belgium to provide logistical services for the Montaza project. The news was recently reported in one of the media. It is important to note that Canal Shipping Agencies has previously worked with the Belgian business on a number of projects, including Abu Qir 1 and Abu Qir 2. The Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport subsidiary Canal Shipping offers marine port and shipping services to global commercial fleets. A proposal for logistics support for the proposed Montaza Palace project in Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, was submitted on Sunday, according to Canal Shipping Agencies (CSAG), a public shareholding company that provides marine port services and shipping services to foreign commercial fleets. As a result of the company’s investments in the Port Said Container & Cargo Handling and Damietta Container & Cargo Handling businesses, Canal Shipping reported $9.65 million in net revenue in 2021, a 7.8% decrease from the $10.41 million recorded in 2020.