AD Ports Group announced a joint venture with SEG, it is known for their largest gas and oil companies in Uzbekistan, to unlock new logistics and freight businesses, both the companies have signed a (MoU) Memorandum of Understanding to build a food trading hub which can be located in Uzbekistan.

In Tashkent, the signing ceremony took place between AD Ports Group and SEG to sign the key agreement to support the partnership, it focuses on developing logistics infrastructure and service which will allow Uzbekistan and SEG’s refined products to meet global markets at competitive costs.

The ceremony participant included in UAE were Minister State for Foreign Trade: Mohamed Ali Al Shorafa, UAE Ambassador to Uzbekistan; Captain Mohammed Juma Al Shamisi, Chairman (ADDED) Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development; Dr. Saeed Matar Al Qemzi, Saeed Al-Bahri Salem Al-Ameri (UAW Ambassador to Uzbekistan), Executive Director of Energy and Utilities at ADQ, Hamad Al Hammadi, Director of Abu Dhabi Department of Agriculture and Food safety.

This signed agreement of MoU ceremony announcement about AD Port Group’s office took place in Uzbekistan, Group first in the Central Asia region. The office will supervise the projects announced as per the agreements signed in Tashkent.

AD Port Group

AD Port Group signed MoU with SEG.

During, this signed agreement attendees from Uzbekistan joined such as Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan; Aziz Voitov, Kakhramon Yuldashev, Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, Sherzod Khodjayev (First Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan), Chairman of the Board of SEG (Bakhtiyor Fazilov and Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan.

This joint venture agreement between two companies will build a partnership for freight forwarding services and logistics, which includes intermodal freight forwarding, air transport services, rail and road, development of inland ports, container depots, warehousing, custom clearance and contract logistics. Joint venture will establish new technology and specialized a process to address obstacles caused through Uzbekistan’s double-landlocked geographical location; it is surrounded by five additional landlocked nations.

MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed the agreement to support the development of an integrated food storage and distribution hub to strengthen Uzbekistan’s food trade over global markets and drive Central Asian food security. In The MoU agreement, both the companies will collaborate on mutual opportunities relating transportation, security, food storage and it will explore related end-to-end solutions for the project.

AD Port Group

AD Ports Group expanding freight businesses.

AD Ports Group CEO and Managing Director, Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi mentions It is one of the major new agreements which will help transform the logistics and trade for Uzbekistan, which has a thriving economy and rich natural resources. As per their expertise, they will create a multi-modal transport connection which will quickly and efficiently bring goods to markets.

Their strategic approach in investment in infrastructure and capabilities shall provide support to international companies through opening new points of direction into Central Asian markets and ensures highest levels of service and support. The direction of the UAE’s leadership, they plan to position Abu Dhabi as global leader in industry and logistics.

The Regional Food Hub in Abu Dhabi is presently under development in KIZAD, AD Port Group share their expertise and best practice guide towards this latest project. Food hub will partner with Rungis International Market, logistics players, bring buyers, wholesale fresh food market, logistics players and distributors together to extensive access to boost exports and fresh food for Uzbekistan.