RetailOps, a San Diego-based software firm that helps omnichannel brands manage and optimise their supply chain operations, has been acquired by Flowspace, the software platform enabling autonomous fulfilment, which has improved its fulfilment technology. The whole staff at RetailOps, including the company’s founders Sam Moses and Daniel Norman, will join Flowspace, and the technology from RetailOps will be integrated into Flowspace’s fulfilment platform. The purchase quickens product development and strengthens Flowspace’s capacity to serve the needs of contemporary omnichannel retailers, who demand real-time data that provides actionable insights so they can centrally and effectively coordinate their supply chain.

The co-founder and CEO (chief executive officer) of Flowspace, Ben Eachus, stated that “the acquisition of RetailOps’ advanced technology and talented team further speeds Flowspace’s ability to provide best-in-class software & service to the customers.” Modern, cross-channel retailers desire cutting-edge solutions that ensure optimal performance. Our software gives companies the centralised insight and reporting they require to coordinate and optimise fulfilment from anywhere, whether they use their own facilities or rely on Flowspace’s network.

RetailOps omnichannel brands manage and optimise their supply chain operations

The cutting-edge OmniFlow software from Flowspace and its vast network is used by brands to coordinate and improve fulfilment across several locations. Retailers operating any network configuration can use OmniFlow as a standalone piece of software to get the centralised, omnichannel visibility and data they need to manage fulfilment from any location. While ensuring best-in-class fulfilment execution, Flowspace’s flexible, distributed network effortlessly expands or enhances a brand’s existing network. By taking into account current configurations, dynamic network design automatically finds efficiencies and optimisations for a merchant and its clients.

While ensuring best-in-class fulfilment execution, Flowspace’s flexible, distributed network effortlessly expands or enhances a brand’s existing network

Even the most complicated retail process flows can be managed using the Flowspace OmniFlow software with a number of choices, including:

Network Design- The optimal arrangement of warehouses and fulfilment centres, as well as the distribution of goods, are determined by Flowspace’s unique network optimisation algorithm. This method maximises efficiency in terms of cost reduction, turnaround times, and sustainability.


OMS (Order Management System)- Control rules, automation, and routing over the entire network, as well as order and inventory.


IMS (Inventory Management): Immediate, transparent visibility across all inventory sources and demand trends for forecasting and planning.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Designed specifically for the supply chain, with the ability to integrate with systems like Netsuite, SAP, and others, to track transactions throughout their entire life cycle and manage expenses.

Visibility Suite: a dashboard view that displays inventory and order visibility across channels for both inbound and outbound delivery phases.

Vendor Purchase Order (PO) Management: Automated vendor connections sourcing, including standard ordering, seamless dropshipping, and just-in-time integrations.

PIM (Product Information Management): A product catalogue may be confidently managed due to centralised product data and image storage.

Channel Management: Automated data flow for tracking orders, shipments, and catalogues.

WMS (Warehouse Management): The warehouse management system from Flowspace streamlines regular facility activities such as receiving, inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping.

More than 500 organisations trust Flowspace to deliver effective, dependable omnichannel fulfilment from any source to any end customer. Flowspace has recently been recognised as a premier provider of fulfilment software and services. Including direct-to-consumer (DTC) storefronts, third-party marketplaces, brick-and-mortar stores, and more, its open platform is prepared to interface with systems, channels, and partners across the retail ecosystem.

About Flowspace

Independent fulfilment is powered by flow space. Its OmniFlow platform gives businesses the real-time visibility and analytics required to coordinate and improve fulfilment across numerous locations. The data required to manage fulfilment from every location is made available to companies operating any configuration of sites by centralising omnichannel visibility and reporting on a single dashboard with Flowspace. With the help of its flexible, distributed network of more than 150 fulfilment centres, merchants can extend or improve their current networks while still receiving best-in-class fulfilment services.