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Nitin Gadkari Presided Over A Meeting With NHAI Officials To Improve National Highway Development

On Tuesday, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, presided over a meeting with representatives of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), with the goal of fostering work efficiency and embracing cutting-edge technology to hasten the construction of the nation’s highways. During the negotiations, General V.K. Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways and Civil Aviation, as well as other senior officials, were present.

Nitin Gadkari made two mobile app announcements during the meeting with the goal of boosting productivity and enhancing travel on National Highways. The first application, Rajmarg Yatra, is a mobile application focused on citizens that have a built-in method for resolving complaints. In order to execute National Highway Projects more efficiently, the second programme, named “NHAI One,” aims to streamline critical on-site requirements.

Nitin Gadkari made two mobile app announcements during the meeting with the goal of boosting productivity

The Minister also launched the first-ever “Sustainability Report for the Fiscal Year 2021-22” of NHAI, which provides a summary of NHAI’s governance structure, stakeholder involvement, operational nature, as well as its environmental and social responsibility efforts. In addition, Nitin Gadkari published a book titled “Road Development in India” that provides a thorough history of the country’s National Highway system.

Minister Nitin Gadkari addressed the gathering and emphasised the crucial need to meticulously prepare and practically verify the DPR (Detailed Project Report). This strategy intends to shorten building timelines, encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials, lower construction costs, and guarantee accurate road alignment.

The minister encouraged NHAI officials to work towards creating a top-tier national highway network by highlighting the need for citizen-centric services and outlining his vision for multiple aspects of national highway development. The minister emphasised the importance of providing services that are focused on the needs of the citizens, and he presented his vision for many facets of national highway development. He also urged NHAI officials to create a world-class national highway network in the country.

Minister also urged NHAI officials to create a world-class national highway network in the country

The publishing of the Sustainability Report, the book on road development, the Rajmarg Yatra and NHAI One mobile applications, as well as the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and NHAI’s commitment to improving India’s National Highway system, are all recent examples. Efficiency, environmentally friendly practices, and citizen satisfaction are prioritised by the programmes.

In addition, Minister Nitin Gadkari intends to build helipads and drone landing areas at several of the 600 spots where it is constructing rest areas along national highways. Such facilities would be helpful in dealing with medical emergencies, such as car accidents and organ transplants. According to Gadkari, these WSA (Wayside Amenities) would include trauma clinics in addition to basic amenities like parking, clean restrooms, and eateries. They will also contain dorms for truck drivers and EV charging stations.

Gadkari added that the Wayside amenities will also include helipads and drone landing facilities to help with medical situations like organ transplants and car accidents. There will also be retail stores to promote handicrafts and locally produced goods. He added that the PM Gati Shakti NMP is a sizable undertaking that aids in lowering our logistical expenses. 

The cost of logistics accounts for about 13–14% of GDP in India, compared to 8–9% in other industrialised countries like the US.

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