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Gati Develops Green Logistics Solutions For Schneider Electric In A Few Cities

Gati Limited, a member of the Allcargo Group and a provider of express logistics and supply chain solutions, has formed a unique partnership with Schneider Electric, a leader in energy management and automation on a global scale, to develop greener logistics solutions for the business. Gati Limited has only used alternative fuel vehicles to pick up shipments from Schneider Electric’s major distribution centres in the beginning of the collaboration. These distribution sites are located in Kundli, Haryana, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. Deliveries are now also made in Gurugram using cars that run on alternative fuels.

The alternative fuel vehicles were flagged off at the Farukh Nagar STC on May 24, 2023, by Pirojshaw Sarkari, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Gati Limited, and Vikrant Tyagi, Director of Logistics and Supply Chain at Schneider Electric, along with Schneider Electric’s logistics staff. As part of the greener logistics partnership, Gati will manage local deliveries for Schneider Electric in Gurugram with a fleet of alternative fuel vehicles in addition to providing low-emission long-haul transportation.

Gati Ltd has only used alternative fuel vehicles to pick up shipments from Schneider Electric’s major distribution centres at the beginning of the collaboration

In order to improve express distribution’s environmental sustainability and aid the government in lowering its carbon footprint, we are deploying alternative fuel vehicles as part of our objective. In order to create greener logistics solutions that support our aim of implementing green mobility, we are thrilled to collaborate with Schneider Electric. With regard to delivery and shipping across India, we have a continuing expedited distribution cooperation with Schneider Electric. 

The most recent green logistics partnership will strengthen our cooperation with them even further. We are eager to help Schneider Electric achieve its environmental objectives. We anticipate that this relationship will lay the groundwork for a larger effort to develop effective and environmentally friendly express distribution services.

The most recent green logistics partnership will strengthen the cooperation with them even further

What is green logistics?

Green logistics is a collection of sustainable practices designed to lessen the negative effects these operations have on the environment. It deals with issues like the carbon footprint of the supply chain, managing waste management and waste, dealing with carbon emissions from the disposal, packaging, lowering energy use, recycling, etc. 57% of consumers are willing to alter their online shopping behaviours to lessen their impact on the environment. Businesses are modifying their supply networks and logistical infrastructures to meet these new expectations. That transition is gradually occurring as more CEOs give sustainability a higher priority in their organisations.

However, a lot of businesses are still reluctant to spend money on sustainable alternatives. According to a poll, just 10% of businesses claimed to differentiate their operations and intend to increase their market share by providing the most environmentally friendly delivery options. However, these solutions can actually lower the cost of delivery while also enhancing brand perception when the appropriate technology and supply chain strategies are put in place.

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