Using internal grading systems and tools including improved visibility, Circle Logistics (Circle), a top asset-based full-service logistics provider, today revealed it is assisting its team in matching freight with the most suitable carriers to reduce claims. The company is combining data from digital freight matching and improved visibility of Transport Pro-tech integration tools in order to offer shippers and carriers additional value.

Modern fleets, brokers, and third-party logistics providers can benefit from Transport Pro’s cloud-based transportation management system (TMS), which is well-known. Transport Pro, a fully integrated platform, acts as the focal point for all company activities and enables transportation providers to automate every step of a load’s lifecycle, including dispatch, imaging, invoicing, settlements, and accounting. Transport Pro uses cutting-edge technology to provide brokerages with modern capacity and tracking solutions as well as trucking companies with essential tools to manage drivers, safety, and maintenance in a proactive manner. The TMS has strong internal tools that replace manual procedures, allowing teams to concentrate more on customer connections and business expansion. Transport Pro is designed for transportation companies who are prepared to scale their operations, and it is easily adapted across many sites.


Mintoak focuses on retailer services and has acquired funding of $20 million.

On the other side, Circle Logistics, which was established in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 2011, is one of the country’s fastest-growing transportation firms, handling over $700 million in freight spend. As one of the Top 50 Freight Brokerage Firms, Circle offers a superior modern freight experience by fusing the tenacity of a privately owned asset-based 3PL with the reach of a public large-scale provider. In the continental United States and Mexico, Circle is dedicated to upholding three basic commitments to its customers: No Fail Service, Personalized Communication, and Innovative Solutions. These types of transportation are covered, including Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefer, LTL, Expedite, Oversize, and Air.

Increased visibility is encouraged by Circle, the industry leader aiming to trace 100% of its cargo, to boost on-time deliveries and lower late, stolen, and damaged freight claims. According to unofficial research conducted by Senior Vice President According to Andrew J. Smith along with the Chicago team, there is almost a 23% higher chance that cargo will result in a claim in the absence of the tracing of cargo. The ELD and cell phone tracking data, as well as the auto-arrive and auto-depart dispatch geofence alerts, are some of the sources of Circle’s improved visibility tracking data. This data remarkably affects the quality of on-time, fortunate and successful as well as free-of-claim loads that are being managed by the team. This takes place exclusively when merged with the usage of data by the team to analyse what would be the perfect fit for the carriers and freight.



Mintoak will place an excessive amount of emphasis on markets outside of that country, according to co-founder and chief executive Raman Khanduja.

According to Smith, software integration with Transport Pro, a provider of transportation management services, gives Circle access to an additional level of decision-making support that it employs to help carriers and shippers go from point A to point B. The aim of the company is to simply notify the carriers and shippers that their work is appreciated by the company. The company, which continues to lead the industry in live-tracking more than 90% of all booked cargo, is utilising data to strengthen our well-cared-for shipper-carrier connections. The business’s main goal is to provide solutions that both customers and employees are happy with.

Technology use and the data it generates enable Circle to maintain its position as the industry leader in great shipper-carrier experiences and innovation. According to Kenneth Kloeppel, director of technology at Transport Pro, the company’s focus is on assisting rapidly expanding private third-party logistics firms like Circle to automate more of their regular processes and procedures in order to complete their work more quickly and scale more successfully.