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Private Companies Likely To Get Access To PM Gati Shakti Portal


According to two officials with knowledge of the situation, the union government may make its digital infrastructure tool, PM Gati Shakti Master Plan, available to the private industry in order to hasten the construction of important infrastructure projects. At the moment, only state agencies, PPP projects, and government departments have access to the site. The current strategy is to grant private sector businesses with restricted access so they may share data about the availability of land and the clearances needed to move projects forward. The PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan, according to the official, is currently intended to support infrastructure planning. A centralized site connected the infrastructure projects developed and started by 16 federal ministries and departments, which included those in charge of roads, highways, and railways. Many proponents of projects in the business sector might benefit greatly from this initiative. Therefore, Gati Shakti architecture is being modified in a way that will allow even pure private sector ventures to benefit from planned infrastructure development.



PM Gati Shakti Master Plan, available to the private industry in order to hasten the construction of important infrastructure projects

Over 2,000 layers of information make up the digital infrastructure that the Bhaskaracharya National Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics (BISAG-N) built to support projects. The portal would enhance a project proponent’s experience and aid in better project planning because the full country’s GIS mapping has been finished, along with data on markets, demand centers, and transportation logistics, the source stated. Additionally, the platform would map out all logistics for any piece of infrastructure and identify any gaps that might be closed with separate action from the federal and state governments. The proposed modifications to the Gati Shakti structure received no response from the departments of commerce and finance as of the time of publication. An initiative of the national government, the Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti National Master Plan, aims to transform India’s infrastructure. On the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the beginning of the Gati Shakti Yojana, a $100 trillion initiative for building “holistic infrastructure” in India. The master plan’s cornerstones include top-notch, contemporary infrastructure, logistics coordination between various means of moving both people and commodities, and the placement of projects. In order to make the most use of available resources, Nirmala Sitharaman, the minister of finance, had earlier requested that the Niti Aayog plan numerous infrastructure projects throughout the nation, particularly industrial corridor, cargo corridors, PM Mitra Parks, and military corridors. 


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