For the launch of LNG-fueled large trucks for the transportation of cement, JK Lakshmi Cement recently partnered with GreenLine, a leader in green and intelligent logistics in India. The business said in a statement that with this partnership, GreenLine will make it possible for JK Lakshmi Cement to gradually decarbonize its road logistics processes over the next few years. The firms intend to dramatically expand this over the following two years, starting with a fleet of 10 LNG trucks operating on the Sirohi in Rajasthan to Surat in Gujarat route. The business added that every LNG truck reduces annual CO2 emissions by around 35 tonnes. JK Lakshmi Cement intends to lower its carbon emissions through the transition to LNG-fueled logistics in order to both meet its environmental objectives and improve its ESG performance. Indian trucks typically run on diesel fuel. On long-distance routes, liquefied natural gas (LNG) provides a less polluting substitute. Arun Shukla, President & Director of JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd., spoke at the event and stated that JK Lakshmi Cement supports responsible and sustainable growth that considers both society and the environment. They started their journey toward sustainable transportation by deploying LNG trucks.



GreenLine will make it possible for JK Lakshmi Cement to gradually decarbonize its road logistics processes over the next few years

He continued by saying that GreenLine Logistics’ green trucking programme will fundamentally alter the way cement is transported around the nation and pave the way for a more circular economy’s eventual transformation. We are glad to be working with GreenLine and anticipate expanding this project in the upcoming months. India’s GreenLine Logistics is a leader in smart, environmentally friendly logistics. The business is to become the leading green road logistics provider in the nation, reducing emissions in heavy transportation for ESG-conscious companies. It is attempting to use heavy transportation powered by LNG for long-distance operations. Reducing emissions from heavy transportation logistics becomes crucial as prominent organizations prioritize their Environmental, Social, and Governance performance, according to Anand Mimani, CEO of GreenLine, who commented on the association. This travel is made possible for businesses by GreenLine, an Indian company that was a pioneer in decarbonizing heavy trucks with its fleet of LNG HCVs. They anticipate that many more sectors will follow them on this transition to green trucking. The switch to LNG-fueled trucks will lower harmful CO2 emissions by 28%, CO emissions by up to 70%, NOx emissions by up to 59%, and particulate matter emissions by up to 91 percent. According to the statement, using LNG vehicles will also help cut down on noise pollution by upwards of 30%.