Bharti Enterprises (Airtel) vice-chairman Rakesh Bharti Mittal recently met UP (Uttar Pradesh) CM Yogi Adityanath at the Chief Minister’s residence, Lucknow, and discussed the implementation of the Digital India Mission, ways to improve the communication facilities and investment proposals of Bharti Group (in the data center, vocational education, and digital banking) in the state, sources said.


Bharti group is working on priority to facilitate high-level communication services in a state like UP having a large area and huge population

During the meeting, Rakesh Bharti Mittal said that the group is working on priority to facilitate high-level communication services in a state like UP having a large area and huge population. He added that Bharti Enterprises is keen to invest in data centers, vocational education, and digital banking in Uttar Pradesh and has prepared a complete action plan. He further added Airtel 5G services have partially started in UP, and very soon all 75 districts of the state will be able to take advantage of 5G high-speed internet service. He added that Bharti Group is working in a planned manner to lay optical fiber to ensure better connectivity of internet even in remote areas. Positive cooperation is expected from the state govt. in this regard.

According to the statement, CM Yogi Adityanath reiterated his resolve for ease of living stating the govt.’s effort is that every citizen should have access to health services and education in every village, every town, and every city of the state, and the use of internet tech. is the biggest help in this regard. The PM’s Digital India Mission is the important foundation stone for a new Uttar Pradesh and new India, UP CM said. As per the vision of the PM, a paperless banking service is being made available to remote villages in UP today. We have increased the use of internet technology in every field like health, education, banking, and industry, CM added.


In UP the use of internet technology has increased in every field like health, education, banking, and industry

Further, he described the 5G revolution that the country has been undergoing under the leadership of PM as a great help in accelerating the pace of building a new India, the CM of UP praised the efforts of Bharti Enterprise for the availability of high-quality communications in Uttar Pradesh. CM gave assurance to the VC (Vice-chairman) of Bharti Enterprises that the state government would support the firm in every way it could in its efforts for the betterment of the UP.

The CM expressed his happiness over the launch of the 5G network and said that this will prove to be very useful in bringing rural areas into the mainstream and will increase employment opportunities. The CM assured Rakesh Mittal of all the possible help from the government.

Further, the CM said that every investment proposal of the group will be worked on at a fast pace and also invited the Bharti group to participate in the UP Global Investors Summit to be held from Feb 10 to 12, 2023.