Hyperion (Hyperion Aero Capital PLC) has launched an aircraft funding platform. Which is focused on providing flexible and quick-to-market solutions finance for long-term cargo leasing and leased business jets. It is established to combine both experiences in aviation fleet management with financing, which provides a range of currency-agnostic hybrid opportunities including, equity, debt, and convertible instruments for aircraft finance.

Financing for the aircraft has become increasingly fragmented as traditional lenders (mainly banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions) have retreated to more vanilla financing (rights to buy or sell the underlying asset at the predetermined price) and yet the private aviation sector continues growing.

Post-covid, limitations on commercial aviation, and shipping blockages have hindered transport logistics.



The private aviation sector continues growing.

According to the Managing Director of Hyperion Aviation, the financing market on a lease is well-established for commercial aviation and represented some of the brightest minds in aviation finances who have left the banking sector over the years.

The gap in financing for business jets and cargo is often unfulfilled because of the small no. of aircraft which tends to be second-hand. The secured asset with predictable reduction and servicing cost as well as the quality lesser, assessing the credit risk for those transactions (and providing cost-effecting finances) is achievable by establishing dedicated pools of capital. Applying the effective working model for real estate and renewable energy transactions. Hyperion Aviation will offer both lesser and investors a dedicated financing structure.

A volatile stock market, increasing interest rates, high inflation, and geo-political tensions this year have stunted the global market and contributed toward changing the roles of alternative investment.

Investors now must refocus on alternatives for further diversified portfolios and protect against inflation and possible recession. The aim of Hyperion is to attract investors to refocus on alternatives.

The founder of Hyperion Aero Capital Scott Levy said: Investors will be able to secure insurable real economy assets which will provide above market returns without volatility ( tendency to change quickly and unpredictably) associated with the current market.

About Hyperion Aviation:



Hyperion Aviation is an aircraft management company

Hyperion Aviation is an aircraft management company that specializes in charter, aircraft sales, maintenance, and management services. They manage one of the largest fleets of widebody aircraft and offer turnkey management.