Circle Logistics, a premier asset-based full-service logistics provider, said today that one’s combination of transportation management software (TMS) Transport Pro has led in real time tracking of more than 90% of all booked loads.

Circle Logistics, founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2011, is one of the nation’s fastest-growing transportation companies, handling over $700 million in freight spend. Circle, a Top 50 Freight Financial Company, combines the commitment of a privately held investment 3PL with the cover of a publicly traded large-scale provider to deliver a great modern freight experience. Circle is dedicated to keeping three key commitments to their customers: Service without fail, personalized communication, and innovative solutions are provided across all means of transportation in both the United States and Mexico. Transport Pro is a major cloud-based transportation management software (TMS) provider that provides cutting-edge technology to fleets, brokers, and third-party logistics (3PLs). Transport Pro, being a completely integrated platform, acts as the central hub for all business processes, assisting transportation businesses in automating the whole lifespan of a cargo, from dispatch through imaging, invoicing, settlement, accounting, and reporting. Transport Pro leverages cutting-edge technology to provide brokerages with current capacity and monitoring solutions, as well as crucial tools for trucking businesses to handle personnel, safety, and maintenance proactively. The TMS includes powerful built-in capabilities that minimize manual processes, allowing teams to concentrate on company growth and customer connections. Transport Pro is designed for transportation companies who are ready to expand their operations and is easily applied across many sites.


Transport Pro is designed for transportation companies who are ready to expand their operations and is easily applied across many sites

The utilization of geofence notifications, auto-arrive and auto-depart dispatch, and other technologies by Circle is demonstrating to be a gamechanger for the developing business that is going to dominate the industry in enhanced visibility. Few competitors track up to 80% of loads, while the majority track between 40 and 60 percent of loads. According to Circle Logistics’ president and chief executive officer, Eric Fortmeyer, their cooperation with Transport Pro will give customers better visibility for 90% of the total freight. Their capacity to offer real-time live-tracking is yet another illustration of their commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience, which includes protecting freight from theft and other threats. They take pride in acting as an extension of their customers’ teams. More automation enables clients to follow shipments from the point of origin to the point of delivery, resulting in more effective carrier management procedures, including more precise tracking of the on-time pickup and delivery performance. A significant portion of Circle’s more than 300% growth over the previous two years is attributed to the company’s increased ability to provide end-to-end visibility through live-tracking. Circle has been recognised to be one of the quickest private third-party logistics (3PLs) companies in the U.S. as a 2022 Armstrong & Associates’ Top 100 Domestic Transportation Management 3PL honoree. In order to better serve its customers, Circle wants to trace every cargo, according to Kenneth Kloeppel, director of technology at Transport Pro. They are excited to enable their crew to do so.