The fifth edition of the Global Pharma Logistics Summit 2022, held in October in Mumbai, included industry experts and important players from the pharmaceutical logistics sector, with the topic ‘Resilience till the point of cure’. 

The seminar in Mumbai focused on a shift in thinking when it comes to carrying “pharma shipments” and the application of technology for industrial growth. Several major stakeholders from throughout the Indian pharmaceutical logistics supply chain promised to embrace a growth attitude and shared industry issues and lessons learned during the pandemic in four-panel talks at the fifth edition of the Global Pharma Logistics Summit 2022. The event was held in Mumbai on October 13, 2022, and was organized by Indian Transport & Logistics News. This year’s event, attended by some of the world’s major exporters, airports, airlines, freight forwarders, pharmaceutical companies, and logistics providers, focused on patient care and led with the subject ‘Resilience till the point of treatment.’ The first panel, labeled ‘Becoming Better Before Becoming Big: Are We Ready For The Next Disruption?’ featured experts and industry leaders discussing how the pandemic brought the pharma industry’s supply chain to the forefront, as well as how disruption decided to bring in technology and new adaptability to chart the way forward. The panel also discussed the significance of training employees in global practices.


The panel also discussed the significance of training employees in global practices.

The second panel, titled ‘Supply Chain Therapy: Identifying Pain Points in Pharma Logistics,’ discussed laws, the new logistics policy, transportation, bio-contamination, planning, and the pharma industry’s import problems. Panelists discussed blockchain as a solution for various data entry and documentation into multiple systems. Two forward-thinking firms that are developing solutions to bring much-needed insight and data analytics towards the healthcare industry also participated in an hour-long session dubbed ‘The Relief.’ TagBox CEO and Co-Founder Adarsh Kumar and FreightFox CEO and Co-Founder Nitish Rai walked the crowd through into the solutions they provided. The third panel, titled ‘Playing It Cool: Moving Temperature-Sensitive Pharma,’ looked at how developments in innovative packaging solutions and real-time visibility can prevent cold chain excursions, as well as how packaging costs can supplement gross margins for all parties involved, as pharma products are time sensitive and expensive. In another talk at the conference, Abhishek Thakur, MD of Odyssey Logistics, described his company’s breakthrough into pharma from the automotive sector, as well as how it grew its strength in temperature-controlled transport operations and pharmaceutical handling all over the world. The event’s final panel, titled ‘Visibility & Predictability: Tech Interventions for Pharma Industry 4.0,’ discussed the function of various types of logistics during the pandemic, the relevance of raw materials, and project management.