The kind of supply chain disruptions that are taking place currently in the industry has been seen previously in the past few years as well. A series of issues spiraled due to the pandemic which led to an entire supply chain crisis. Amazon announced a new supply chain solution today at AWS re: Invent in Las Vegas in an effort to use AWS technology to address the issue.

In the keynote of the day, Adam Selipsky, the CEO of AWS spoke about the major supply chain disruptions that are taking place. He said that the necessity of supply chain resilience has been made clear in recent years by a wide range of disruptions, including shortages of infant formula and ships circling ports unable to unload. Inventory-related supply chain issues must be addressed immediately. He also added that this is the area where the company is looking forward to putting efforts to keep at it with a new solution known as the AWS supply chain.


The newly launched solution is designed to remove the complexity of data management.

While explaining the service, Selipsky said that he is delighted to announce the AWS Supply Chain preview which is a fresh cloud application of the brand which helps to improve the supply chain visibility and provides actionable information to customers to help them save costs and eliminate supply chain hazards You can swiftly respond to unforeseen challenges with AWS Supply Chain because it gives you a consolidated view of your supply chain data, ML-powered insights, suggested actions, and built-in collaboration capabilities.

According to Selipsky, the newly launched solution is designed in a way to remove the complexity of data management which is associated with the supply chain industry. First, the customer connects with their supply chain data from SAP, EDI, or other sources, such as warehouse management or order management systems, with only a few clicks. Then, using pre-trained ML models to comprehend, extract, and transform diverse, incompatible data into a cohesive data model, AWS Supply Chain automatically creates a data model.


Adam Selipsky, the CEO of AWS spoke about the major supply chain disruptions that are taking place.

With the help of a map, the model then allows the users to display the supply chain data and pin down locations where the inventory can be particularly found and how the issues can be dismissed in a particular location. With the help of the same tool, everything can be communicated with supply chain managers in the organization.  

While addressing the case of the AWS announcement, the CEO mentioned that this is just the beginning and added that by providing customers with a unified supply chain and revealing the most actionable insights, the AWS supply chain helps them to reduce risk and costs while offering a single price and no upfront licensing fees. In the near future, the company intends to add more and better functionalities as well as linkages. Selipsky also added that the company will continue to invest in this sector to work towards solving supply chain problems.