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Centre Government likely to spend Rs 50,000 crore on the infrastructural development of Arunachal Pradesh, says PM Modi


The inauguration of the Donyi Polo Airport at Hollangi in Arunachal Pradesh was done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. The PM also dedicated the 600 MW Kameng Hydro Power Station to the country while highlighting the natural charm of Arunachal Pradesh. As he mentioned the state’s great potential for tourism, the Prime Minister said that an amount of Rs 50,000 crore will be spent on the infrastructural development of the state by the central government for the betterment of Arunachal Pradesh, which will also attract the tourism sector.

The crucial need for proper connectivity in the remote areas of the state was also mentioned by the PM, who also added that a total of 85 percent of villages of the state are associated with Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna. Mentioning the example of highways projects in the inaccessible and remote areas of the region, he stated that another Rs 50,000 crore as a need will be spent on the infrastructure development of the north-eastern state of India, which covers a considerably large region that needs special attention towards the development.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the priority of the government is to help the poor community.

With the development of the new airport in Arunachal Pradesh, huge and fresh job opportunities will also be created in the field of cargo services. as a result, this will also enable the farmers to take their produce and sell it into the bigger markets to get a better price. Speaking to a crowd at the airport, he also mentioned that farmers in the state are benefiting from PM Kisan Nidhi. He also added that the government is closely working on mission mode to take the development of the region forward to every village and every house in the state.

To give a boost to the tourism sector of the region and work towards reducing migration, the PM also underlines the efforts put in by the department to develop all border villages under the Vibrant Border Village Programme. Apart from providing special defense training to the youth of India, PM Modi stated that a unique programme is also being carried out by the officials in the state to connect the young generation with NCC, which will help to implant the value and feel to serve the country. He mentioned a colonial statute that prevented the residents of Arunachal Pradesh from picking bamboo and said the administration is moving to repeal the rule.

With the development of the new airport in Arunachal Pradesh, huge and fresh job opportunities will also be created.

As bamboo plays a crucial role in the regional lifestyle of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, Modi pointed out that the cultivation of the plant allows and helps the people to export the products made of bamboo to other parts of the country as well as the world. he also added that the people of the state will now be able to cultivate, harvest, and sell the bamboo plant just like any other regular crop. The Prime Minister concluded the inauguration by saying that the priority of the government is to help the poor community to lead a better and more graceful life.

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