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Agility Set To Spend 611 Million In Order To Build Jeddah Logistics Park


A huge logistics park for storage and distribution will be built near Jeddah, according to Agility, a supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation company, as part of a land-concession agreement announced by Saudi Arabia’s State Properties General Administration (SPGA). 

A contemporary warehouse complex will be built on a 576,760 SQM property south of Jeddah as part of the Jeddah-Al Mahjar project, beginning in Q1 2023. The Agility Logistics Park – Jeddah is scheduled to open in Q1 2025. Agility will invest 611 million SAR (about USD 163 million) in the construction of the park as per the terms of its deal with SPGA, and will have a 25-year operating license. The most cutting-edge logistics parks in the nation are currently run by Agility; they are located in Riyadh (870,000 SQM) and Dammam (200,000 SQM). As part of Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive Vision 2030, the Saudi government has presented a comprehensive plan to turn the Kingdom into a worldwide logistics hub. The Global Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (GSCRI) of Saudi Arabia aims to position the nation as a key link in global supply chains by developing industrial and logistical infrastructure, economic cities, green energy, manufacturing, and innovation. Its first two years of operation are expected to bring in $11 billion in new investment. 


The Agility Logistics Park – Jeddah is scheduled to open in Q1 2025

This action will aid the State Properties General Administration in pursuing and achieving its strategic goal of effective management of its real estate assets in a way that maximizes the advantages for the growth of the economy, according to His Excellency, Governor of the State Properties General Administration Mr. Ihsan Bafakih. The SPGA is examining its real estate holdings and striving to turn them into profitable investment opportunities by offering suitable real estate for innovative, sustainable projects with private-sector partners. According to Bafakih, projects like the Agility facility in Jeddah present a chance to boost the GDP contribution of the nation’s real estate assets while also raising the value of publicly owned land, established infrastructure, and environmentally friendly structures. Mr. Hamza Al-Askar signed the contract. 

According to Agility, the Jeddah park would cater to both domestic and foreign clients in the retail, consumer goods, technology, automotive, energy, and e-commerce industries. Designed with cutting-edge engineering and sustainable features, Agility Logistics Parks are safe, linked, round-the-clock facilities with Grade A, international-standard warehouses. For a warehouse in its Riyadh park, Agility has obtained post-construction EDGE Advanced certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies). Buildings that are “zero-carbon ready” and at least 40% more energy efficient than comparable structures are known as EDGE Advanced buildings. At the SPGA offices in Riyadh, the contract was signed by Mr. Maher Jaber Al Thabit, Vice President of Agility Logistics Parks, and Mr. Hamza Al-Askar, Deputy State Properties General Administration Representative.

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