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HyperTrack Increases Technology Offerings To Speed Up Last Mile Logistics Solution Development


To allow the quickest time to market for developers creating logistics solutions, Hypertrack, the industry leader in logistics APIs, today introduced new features to its BuilderX platform, including major performance increases and thorough testing capabilities.

The top API platform for logistics technology developers who are creating solutions for last-mile fulfillment use cases is HyperTrack. To increase operational KPIs like task completion rate, workforce dependability, productivity, and on-time delivery, our APIs for order planning, assignment, tracking, and verification learn from real-world data. The extensive collection of APIs, SDKs, and webhooks offered by HyperTrack is used by clients on every inhabited continent. Applications for drivers and consumers are both necessary for logistics use cases. Developers sometimes deal with time-consuming collaboration between operations teams that results in many weeks of development cycles in order to allow both location tracking and order fulfillment capabilities. By providing a simulated environment to test solutions using HyperTrack APIs, HyperTrack’s new Playground feature extends logistics testing to the Metaverse and eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming engineering resources. Developers may test their ideas through order planning, assigning, and tracking in a risk-free environment using the new Playground environment, which simulates fleet behavior in a real-time map view. 


The top API platform for logistics technology developers who are creating solutions for last-mile fulfillment use cases is HyperTrack

To enable successful fulfillment, last mile operations personnel need to have knowledge of every stage of the order lifecycle. With the help of HyperTrack’s new Orders-at-Risk function, logistics teams can proactively identify and address any order difficulties in real time. It summarizes all orders in flight according to risk. Through driver communication, order reassignment, or order cancellation, this feature immediately indicates orders that are traveling too slowly, in the incorrect direction, or have undergone other status changes so operations management may address the problem as soon as possible. In order to maximize performance and reduce risk throughout the organization, it is crucial to be able to immediately identify the tiny number of orders that pose a risk of missing delivery. By hosting the inaugural Logistics + Tech Summit, a virtual conference on November 15–16, 2022, for logistics builders and executives creating technology for gig employment, field service, sales, and on-demand delivery, HyperTrack is supporting the next generation of logistics technology. Along with other business and technological experts, the keynote address will be given by Point Pickup’s CTO, Jagdish Repaswal. The largest tech community in the world, made up of 300+ companies from 80 different countries, will gather at the Logistics + Tech Summit. This community includes pioneers in on-demand labor like Instawork, WorkWhile, and Jobox, companies that offer field services like W Energy, Groundworks, and Appify, and delivery behemoths like Point Pickup, Swiggy, DHL, FedEx, and Ryder. 

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