Fifth-Party Logistics, or 5PL, services are now available in India, according to Snowman Logistics Limited. In India’s supply chain management and cold chain logistics industries, we are the first organization to offer this service.

With 43 strategically positioned facilities and a combined pallet capacity of 130,201 throughout 17 major Indian cities, Snowman Logistics is the country’s top provider of complete temperature-controlled and cold chain logistics services. It belongs to the Gateway Distriparks Limited group of companies. Compared to the previous closing of Rs. 34.90, shares of Snowman Logistics Limited were last trading on the BSE at Rs. 33.70. In over 993 deals during the day, 62119 shares were transacted in total. The stock’s intraday high and low were 35.65 and 33.35 respectively. The day’s net revenue was Rs. 2137019.00. Due to the growth of e-commerce companies, the expansion in international trade operations, and the increased complexity of supply chains, the demand for 5PL services has gradually expanded over the past several years. Another important factor driving the expansion of the 5PL service segment in this industry is the post-pandemic increase in the ready-to-eat and ready-to cook food categories. Utilizing this expansion, Snowman Logistics has expanded its suite of 3PL services beyond transportation and warehousing to include distribution and consolidation services, as well as sourcing on behalf of its clients. In this model, we work as an essential part of the client’s business, cultivate suppliers, negotiate prices on the client’s behalf, inspect manufacturing facilities, discuss production/requirement planning, purchase inventories from them, consolidate in a warehouse, and sell to clients. The Snowman Quality Team handles the vendor onboarding procedure following a thorough quality assessment, market benchmarking, and due diligence.


Snowman Logistics is the country’s top provider of complete temperature-controlled and cold chain logistics services

The introduction of 5PL services, according to Snowman Logistics CEO Sunil Nair, would provide a significant potential for the business to convert its current 3PL clients to 5PL accounts. This is a wise investment because it has been a leader in cold chains for the previous three decades. They now offer one-stop distribution services, right from the manufacturing plant to the consumption points through which they are able to add more value and increase earnings from their existing businesses without having to invest in infrastructure. They do this by utilizing their expertise, network of suppliers and customers, and offer distribution and consolidation services in addition to their existing solutions. They have already begun supplying IKEA, Tim Hortons, and Baskin-Robbins with this service. They are now trying to increase their growth in this segment.