Amazon India has been granted permission by the Delhi Government to operate 24/7 and complete the daily orders

One of the applicants, Amazon India, had their request to operate and do business in the capital city on a 24/7 basis accepted, according to a representative of Delhi LG. After the permission is granted to the company, it will be allowed to deliver goods 24/7. A statement in regards to this news will be expected from the company within the week. According to sources, the LG directed that these applications be rejected within a set time frame in order to promote an atmosphere in Delhi that is welcoming to investors and businesses. Additionally, KPOs and BPOs would be permitted to operate in Delhi around-the-clock. The Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954’s Sections 14, 15, and 16 are essentially disregarded by the Court. The new policy is anticipated to increase the creation of jobs in the city. 


Amazon and it’s customers would benefit a lot if they get the permission 

According to authorities, it will create a positive and a favorable business climate in the city. Reportedly, the LG has ordered the labor department to make sure that delays in business approvals don’t happen again. Additionally, according to authorities, he requested that a structure be created for open and efficient monitoring, with the causes for any delays in processing applications for ease of doing business being determined. With restaurants, motels, and internet delivery services offering food, medications, and other necessities being permitted to operate around-the-clock beginning next week, Delhi residents can anticipate a vibrant nightlife. The decision, which comes during the holiday season, will increase demand and create jobs, according to industry leaders.